Where to get straight hair?


Hello I’m trying to learn to rooted, all the hair I have is wavy where I can find good straight hair?


What brand do you use now? Better quality like slumberland would be pretty straight even if it comes slighty wavy. Right now I’m using alpaca from @ShangriLaRanchAlpaca and it’s super straight! It’s a little different than mohair but I love it.


This is the guy I’m working on now


I’m buying Angora Mohtique and I love it but I want to try something more straight


Yes, I’ve used hers and it’s nice! I’d recommend the alpaca :slight_smile:


Do you recommend any particular vendor?


Yes Ashley from @ShangriLaRanchAlpaca its beautiful stuff!


Thank you for the recommendation @Pitmom390 please let me know if I can help you find some straight fiber @Iselis


yes i need a strawberry blond or a light brown


I have some of both :blush:


Hello can you send me photos and price?



Thank you, I wrote but it charges the shipping to Puerto Rico as an international that is a bit high