Where to find Mini baby clothes?

I just finished up a secrist Peaches kit last night. The one from Hobby Lobby. I made her into a little elf and I’m wondering where to get some cute mini clothes or at least where to get them made. Since she is an elf, I’m looking for a particular style of clothing.

Thanks in advance!

I am not sure of the size you need, but I am always intrigued that Michael’s has some fairy and princess outfits to dress bears. Looks to be for a bear 8 to 12 inches tall–maybe more. They are about $7.

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There are a ton of handmade mini clothes on ebay.

Thank you! I’ll check out ebay.
The baby is only 6" tall, so I’m not sure how the Michaels clothes would fit.

Have fun looking! I have a 6" and I love looking for clothes for her!

If you can sew you can use doll patterns or look for small doll clothes.

You can make a newborn onsie into a tiny tshirt and make a fairy skirt with a piece of elastic around the waist with netting tied onto it.