Where to buy higher end kits like adrie stoete?

Is irresistables the only other place to purchase kits? I think I’m ready to move up to the higher end limited edition kits.

Besides ebay, is there somewhere to else to buy kits?

Opps, sorry BB. I didn’t realize it was a no no.

I love, love Donna Rubert’s BB kits, but Adrie Stoete’s dolls are gorgeous too. If only I could find places that has them for less than $100. Thanks 4everbabies.

I need to finally start selling some BB babies. I want to try a Reva Schick too.

Thanks every one! I’m going to go broke and my husband is going to kick me out of the house now.

Better turn off the computer and start finishing some babies to sell…so I can buy e some more. I’m refusing to buy any more until i move out some of these others. I’ve got 9 WIP and a box full of others…

Dolls by sandie, i r r e s i s t a b l e s , d o l l d r e a m s, are all places to buy higher end kits.