Where to buy glass beads?

Where do you all buy your glass beads for weighting your babies? I am hoping to buy them locally, instead of ordering.

Please let me know the best place to buy them.


I buy from harbor freight

I get the really fine ones that I use just for the limbs at harbor freight. They are used for sandblasting and come come in 20lb containers. The ones I use to weight the body are bigger so that they don’t leak out of the stocking. I get those from CR’s crafts. Here is a link.

I buy the course glass from Harbor Freight. They come in 2lb. canisters. They are course enough to not come through the nylon. Only problem is the closest one is 3 hours away from me.

Thanks so much for the information. I found a Harbor Freight only 5 miles away! I plan to go this week.