Where is

Where is Carolyn sugargliderrus?? Thought she would be back here with her mohair.

— Begin quote from “Teri”

Where is Carolyn sugargliderrus?? Thought she would be back here with her mohair.

— End quote

We just checked user records, and there is no sugargliderrus registered. Which means she was inadvertently trimmed during the board cleanup process (the board went through a major clean-up). And, it looks like while following the trimming process (which is explained below), sugargliderrus was one of the old forum registrations that got trimmed. That was unfortunate, because she offered a good service here, and it would be nice if she was here.

Here is how the trimming was done (this was also posted in another topic a couple of weeks ago):

First, any forum topic that had not been visited (viewed by anyone) since 9/1/09 was trimmed away. In other words, if several months went by and nobody even bothered to look at an old topic, it obviously wasn’t needed. So it was trimmed away.

Next, any “For Sale” post older than the end of November was trimmed away, as well as all of the old “Off Topic” posts.

After trimming the above-named topics and posts, members of the old forum who had no remaining posts on record were trimmed (dropped). This actually trimmed away quite a few old user registrations, and left only the most active user registrations. Then, of the remaining old original forum registrations, anyone whose forum email address could not be identified in our customer database was also dropped. This eliminated accounts that had old invalid email addresses.

Also during this time, the board went through a major software update (to a new version of the OS hosting the board-- and even a new machine-- and also across several software versions of the board itself).

Bountiful Baby

I think she is in one of my groups if you would like I can ask her to join… sherrie


I am still here and also on two other forums. I have been so busy lately I have only been doing custom orders from people who contacted me through E-mail. I lost a lot of my mohair contacts when this forum was closed down for a while.
I will be posting some mohair on here very soon when I have some time to process some. I am also waiting on my supplier to let me know when they sher the goats so I can get some more fiber. I am very limited on my mohair supply right now but if anyone needs any just PM me or E-mail me at sugargliderus@aol.com and if I have the fiber you need I will be happy to process some for you. I will say that right now I do not have any straight fiber so if that is what you are looking for I am sorry to say I don’t have any right now.

Thanks for contacting me by E-mail Sherrie to let me know I was beeing looked for.

Glad you are back Carolyn!

— Begin quote from “sugargliderus”

I am still here and also on two other forums.

— End quote

Ah, we mis-spelled the username when we did a user search.

Glad you are here!

Bountiful Baby

I’m glad to see that your back. I love your mohair.

Welcome Back Carolyn! I hope you will update us with photos of the little one! I have not seen her in months!!! I am sure she is doing well, and growing quickly.

Hi Carolyn, so glad to see you back here! I just wouldn’t be the same without you and that adorable little
granddaughter pictures to share.

Wow thanks everyone for the nice welcome back. I will start posting mohair as soon as I can get some more raw fiber from my supplier. I don’t get a chance to come on the forum very often but hopefull I will hav e more time soon. Opon your request I posted a few random pistures of little miss Alayah. Can you vbelieve she is slmost 15 months old?