Where does eveyone get there glass beads?

I am looking to get some glass beads where does everyone get there’s? I know that they sell them on BB but I want like 25 pounds or so. Thanks

The last ones I got came from CR’s Crafts.

DON"T buy the ones from Harbor Freight. They are super fine and dangerously easy to inhale.

I have bought these on Ebay from Sybilray and they are good:

http://cgi.ebay.com/GLASS-BEADS-FOR-WEI … 45ee37442a

Her larger sized ones are like the larger ones CRS sells:

http://cgi.ebay.com/20-LB-LARGER-GLASS- … 439a7ab86e

And if you have a Grainger near you, you can buy the same smaller sized ones from them:

http://www.grainger.com/Grainger/wwg/se … =0&sst=All

You want to buy the:
Glass Bead Blast Media
Item # 6ZC14
Extra Coarse Glass Bead Blast Media, Maximum ones.
That just means they are the largest size they sell but they are still smooth.

Thanks so much everyone. I just checked and I have a Grainger about 20 mins. away from me.

I went to Grainger and got mine this last time. I just recently found out we had one in town. I am about half way through my bucket. It was so nice to get it for $55 and not have to pay shipping.

If they don’t have them in your store you can go online and order them and have them delivered to your store for pick up so you don’t have to pay shipping.

I am so glad there is another option besides HF and the internet to get glass beads in bulk. I looked up Graingers and found out there is one about 15 minutes away. I will have to go there soon and get a bucket of beads. Is the 6ZC14 size big enough to not go through a nylon? It would be nice to have beads to use in the body and head.

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Is the 6ZC14 size big enough to not go through a nylon?

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No, you can’t use them in a regular nylon knee high. However, if you buy the thick trouser socks (Knee highs that are like thick tights) and you double them (I triple them just to be sure) then you can make a pack for the body. However an even better method is to sew a cloth pouch for them using a tight stitch which I sometimes do as well using the same cloth I make my bodies out of.