Where can i get a doe suede body for the max kit?


I am still needing one Jillianjade … how big would the baby be with your body ? I am having some clothes made for him and the lady making them has a max on a cloth body … I think its about 15 inches or so.


Thank you all for the help and suggestions , I had forgot to check the post until now.
Very busy few days here and company.


The neck flanges that BB sells are pvc pipe. I’ve used them on Berenguer dolls that I put on a cloth body. I glued it in. Try taking the head with you to the hardware store and see if they have any that will fit tightly.


I just started cutting below the nipple on max and cut a little at a time until I was happy with the result. It was a bit tricky but once I was happy with it I stuffed the body, put in the neck “bust” and zip tied everything together. I would have max’s head already attached before zip tying the neck ino body…it’s harder to get on once it’s all zipped in :slight_smile:


I know this is almost a year old but… do you still have a 14 inch cloth body??? :wink:


I used BB body 2081 but I had to take it in a little. I also had to make him a neck.


The one I am looking for is for a Walmart doll that is 14 inches


Dolls By Sandie has a 14 inch full limb body.


If you find them will you let me know please.
I have two max kits here and cant find a cloth body cheap.


Any photos on how to put him together with cloth body and just vinyl torso? It’s hard to understand without seeing how it’s done.


When i did mine I used a cloth body and the neck with extra vinyl around. (sort of around like where a regular t shirt neck hole would be.) from the vinyl torso and then made tummy and back plates with the rest of it. Sorry i did not take pictures.


I don’t think he needs a cloth body. His limbs fit in the vinyl body. I made mine with a cloth body and no vinyl torso. I had to make him a neck. I used a prescription bottle lid and a pipe collar. It worked great. New mommy loves her.