Where can i get a doe suede body for the max kit?


If anyone knows where i can get one at a good price.

I appreciate the help.


Max doesn’t have cloth.

If you chose to do it that way you need to fix the neck area to have a flange for the cloth body to hold onto.


@jessicasclaybabies made a beautiful Max with a cloth body.



I think this one was Jessica’s?

And I know a few have made a girl with the cloth. Not sure what all they did to make the neck flange.

I think one of them cut the neck of the torso off to use… ?


I looked at the Max Challenge. :wink: Jillian hosted it but that entry was @jessicasclaybabies :slight_smile: And very cute


Ahhh okay, I thought man I don’t remember Jillian making this Max :smile:


Try irresistables.com I believe they have a 12 and 14 inch full limb body


I wonder if clovers body would work​:thinking::thinking:


That’s what body I would think of. If they are not listed anymore due to being discontinued kits… I think you can get to them through Cupcake’s list… or scrolling through the bodies…

I will link it in a sec.


Looks out of stock :confused:


Well shoot​:stuck_out_tongue::thinking:


Dolls so real has several that size from $15-$16


Dolls so real




Yes, I loved that one, but would never steal her credit <3


Right! I wish either of my 2 Max’s I did would have been that cute! lol


If you still want the cloth body, I have some for $15 with zip ties. I don’t know how you’d adjust the neck, but it is a full limb 14" body.


Thanks ladies! Yes I used the smallest BB body I could find…I want to say I used a 14" actually? Hmmm been a while. I ended up having to cut the vinyl body to make a modified neck…just under the chest. Hope that makes sense?


how far down does it need to be cut so that it will work for the neck ? I was thinking of making plates from the vinyl torso.

I did necks like this before but its been so long ago I forget what I did.
Thank you for the help.