When you're self employed


I’m self employed. I do private duty. Taking care of the elderly. I have 2 clients. I work 6 days a week. Some of you may be reborning for an income. I thought this was appropriate for the self employed.


I am also a caregiver for the elderly and I understand that completely. I love love my job and wouldn’t change jobs for anything.


I have the utmost respect for anyone who takes care of the elderly. My son and I have been taking care of my 80 year old father since we moved to FL 6 yrs. ago. He had diabetes, couldn’t walk, A-Fib, kidney failure, spinal stenosis. He still lived on his own. Our lives became centered around doctor visits, cleaning, laundry, meals, shopping…while other relatives chided us for “not working.” As if we were here on some sort of vacation!

Since January he was in and out of the hospital,then rehab, back to the hospital, rehab, hospital again…while my brother and I attempted to get him into a nursing home and on medicaid…easier than it sounds but my brother finally got a little taste of what my son and I had been dealing with all these years.

Sadly, my dad passed on March 20th, but we’ll never forget all the caregivers we came into contact with during those 2 months…nurses, doctors, CNA’s…everyone was wonderful to him.


Wow, my hat goes off to you n your son. Your father had a lot of medical conditions. Living at home too. That had to be a lot on y’all n stressful. I admire family that keeps their loved one at home to take care of them. Some don’t adjust when you put them in a facility n some do. I’ve heard about the process of trying to get Medicaid for an elderly person. I’ve been working with the elderly for about 28 years now. My condolences on the passing of your father. At least you got the chance to spend time and take care of him. God bless you. Thank you