When you ship to Canada do you

list every thing that you put in the box seperatley,or just doll, like a magnet do you list it, thank you all, sharon

They say you have to list everything if you go to the post office. I only sent a doll kit with a body and had to list every part hope this helps sherrie

Gee - I don’t know about Canada, but I have shipped to Australia, UK and Saudi Arabia and all I ever list on the custom form is LIFELIKE REBORN BABY DOLL.


For listing item, you can list item like 1 blanket, 1 collector doll. Keep it simple! the Doll is expected to be dressed. The value is the most important as customs are going to tax based on the price listed. Even if you mark it gift it can be taxed. Gifts are only tax free when less than $60.00 value. I know as I got charge for a gift exchange doll, which was clearly marked gift, but had an insurance value of $400.00. And please do not list the shipping cost as part of the value…it is not necessary!
Tell the person to expect to pay their provincial tax and the GST as well as a handling charge on the full listed value!if they are uncertain!
hope that helps!

When I ship out of the country I list the doll and then list doll clothes separately. That has worked for me in the past. I usually state the clothes as being between $25.00 and $30.00 and the difference for the doll itself.

hi i am in canada, and when i ship to us i just have to put doll, apprx wieght, and value , its really simple at this end . just thought i would let you know this. marlene

thank you all so much,