When rooting

Do any of you glue when partially done rooting a head? Or do you wait so you can heat the hair holes before gluing? I thought about gluing my
Partial head but then didn’t know if it would be safe to bake.

Because I start in the back, and do half, then I move to one side, I glue just what I have done if I am sure I don’t need to add anymore hair. I then continue the other half of the back and side, and then the top. I do it this way so that when I am rooting the opposite side the hair on the first half doesn’t rub off as I am rooting We all root differently but this is the way I am comfortable.

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I don’t glue until I am finished with the rooting. I use a satin pillow case to lay against the side of the head that has been rooted while I root the other side. The hair doesn’t cling to the fabric and possibly pull out the hair like a cotton type fabric would.

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After I root the head, I paint the brows and bake. Then, I glue the hair in.


Thanks yall… I just hate so much hair coming out before I get it glued. This time I am trying not to brush or style it until I bake and glue.

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This doll won Best Rooting. I got to see her up close. Her hair is beautiful!

The center part was zig zag like we use to do on the 90’s.


I would love a day of the dead doll!!!

Was this Susan Brown’s baby? She does the “best” skull work (is that what it is called?).

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Yes…she was at ROSE.


I don’t glue till I am done because I heat the head with rice. And the hot rice melts the glue and the glue then hydrates and cooks the rice…and ugg, you spend an hour scraping the inside of your doll head. I usually don’t have much hair loss…but just realized I root so thickly i probably wouldn’t notice the loss! I root lying on a waterbed with the head on a hand towel or or me. Seems to work best for me!

Wait, what does heating the hair holes do?