When I do stupid, I do it big

I’ve started painting on BB Kimber, my challenge baby. Midway through the first yellow coat it occurred to me for the first time to actually read the label of the flow medium. The flow medium that I’ve been dumping at least a tablespoon of into each paint I’ve thinned. Undiluted. It’s supposed to be cut 1part medium to 20 parts water.

It’ll be a miracle if poor Faith, who has almost a full bottle of flow medium on her, doesn’t dissolve into a flowy puddle of goo! I swear I’m normally smart. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

It will definitely take longer to cure, I think? Could be wrong? I’m no expert by any means lol. For me personally, my general rule of thumb is equal amount of paint to medium. 1 drop paint, 1 drop matte medium and/or retarder, then as many drops of water as needed to thin.

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Yeah, all the mediums can be confusing, you have to study them. I assume you are using JoSonja flow medium…or is it a different one?
I use Golden wetting agent and you really have to dilute that or your doll will be very sticky.

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I’m using Liquitex Flow medium. I’m laughing like crazy now because I don’t know what I was thinking. Never used any medium before, but nope, I didn’t even think of reading the label or looking online to see how to use it. :crazy_face: I just opened that bottle and dumped it in. There was at least 2-3 tablespoons in each layer of paint!


That venutre had to have been a little expensive in the long run! I have some of that, and I know it is not on the cheap end. And you must have put enough in there to do several babies! But in your defence of thinking you do stupid – I have not been diluting it either. Of course I have only used about twice. And, I called myself reading over the label. My eyes do not see that well when it comes to reading, especially the info on those bottles. I do go online a lot of times to check things out. Wow! Thanks for saving me anyway! :slight_smile:

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At least my mistake was worth something!

Yeah, I’m on my third bottle. I’ve been buying them at Michaels with 50% coupons, but they still aren’t that cheap. I kept thinking that it was strange that it came in such small bottles when you run through it so quickly. You’d think that would have slowed me down a little…:crazy_face:

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