What's your favorite movies or tv shows?


I read it’s actually based on true story for hotel. Not the vampire but the hotel. That really happened. A lot of the stories are based on real events. It’s OK, I can’t get past the last episodes of murder house. Rubber suit man and the baby made me too scared. I liked cult but it was too nuts and clowns. Nope. Not after Freak Show. Never, nada never again.


I love the Twilight Zone & Alfred Hitchcock Presents. On Netflix, I’m into Atypical right now. My favorite movies are Dan in Real Life, Lars and the Real Girl, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mjnd, just to name a few tops! We watch all the musicals here, too. :heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse: And all old scary movies, like Vincent Price and old school b horror. :vampire:t2:‍♂️:skull::zombie:‍♂️


You watch the good stuff. We should do a Netflix night on here where we watch together as a group. Do you like Tales from the Crypt?


Ha yeah! I’m down. I remember watching that when I was younger and loving it, so I bought the dvd. I told my big kids how great it was and sat down to watch it and it was all about boobs and junk!! Lol I swear I don’t remember that. We turned it off. I guess I like more old corny scary stuff. :joy::zombie:‍♂️:zombie:‍♂️:vampire:t2:‍♂️:clown_face:


Yeah when I try to share old movies and shows, they think it’s boring if nothing is happening exciting at the beginning. Movies used to have nuances and dialogue. Now everything is cgi, sex, corny jokes and action from the start.


I love 911! Watched the first episode of this season, wow this is so good! Anyone else watching it?


Have any of you watched Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth? My best ever movie.


I’m watching it. I like this season so far but we’ll see. I hate that Abby left.