What's your favorite movies or tv shows?


GOT, Stranger Things…(season premier is summer of next year, I was hoping for October release but no) , Outlander (next season starts the first of November) , Poldark (ah, Ross), Orphan Black (ended), OITNB, American Gods (even though they are taking forever for the next season), the British version of Being Human (ended years ago but I still like to watch reruns). I used to like the Walking Dead but I feel like they have ruined the show, they have ruined characters personalities and made the show very flat and one dimensional…makes me sad :frowning:
I have many more that I watch and some that I want to watch but those are my favs. I have too many movies to list but my tippy top favs will always be Star Wars (only the ones with Harrison Ford, and the last one they made), Raiders of the lost Ark, All the Marvel movies, Addams Family, Poltergeist, Twister, Blade Runner (the original) and 13 going on 30 (for some strange reason…I love that movie LOL “Matty, its Thriller”). I also love several Christmas movies that I never get tired of watching.


I spoiled The Walking Dead by reading the comics. I did the same with American Gods. I love Star Wars, Star Trek, Back to the Future, Ready Player One for its ode to the 80s, Indy, The Wonder Years, Winona Ryder, Anything River Phoenix and Johnny Depp. I try to pretend that anything post Pirates of the Caribbean doesn’t exist. He’s in dark place now. Smurfs, Snorks and The Gummy Bears. Chip and Dale and that show with Baloo.


So interesting to see what we have in common with our TV entertainment. Most of mine was already discussed… let’s see I love and CAN’T wait for the premiere of Stranger things season 3, Loooove reruns of friends can watch it hours on in… Cooking Shows, Power like @Msmimi04 said. love first 48 and ID channel (before dark :joy:) @nikkiroc big bang theory, reruns of Mike and Molly and King of Queens, Reruns of The Game (CW show) Counting On, Half and Half reruns, Dr Phil, Supermarket Sweep, Ellen, and Family Feud and movies Comedies and Independent movies… really I just watch reruns when TV was good…lol


I love the stuff on TCM that is my go to. My favs are stuff from the 30’s and 40’s If not there then ID Discovery stuff. I like the real crime shows too.


I like the real crime stories and used to watch the show FBI Most Wanted. I have to ask you. Do you watch a lot of Disney? I do and I hide it from the kids!


I like American Horror Story. I ended up collecting a lot of Violets clothes from Murder House because I loved the style so much. I also watch a lot of Friends. I watch that over and over. I never get tired of it. Pretty much it. I don’t really know what other shows to get into.


I liked the first few seasons of AHS but the hotel season ruined it for me, haven’t caught back up yet. Right now we are watching This is Us, Ozark, Atypical. I love stranger things, Gilmore girls, parenthood, Jane the virgin, oitnb. Been a walking dead fan a long time but am kinda over it (I still watch but…). Grace and Frankie, shameless (lip :purple_heart:), riverdale and please dont judge lol I freaking love Jersey Shore old and new family vacation. Sons of anarchy.
Movies, I love horror movies. Nightmare on Elm street are my favorite of the slasher films of that era. I love back to the future, it never gets old. I love the notebook, all the classic 80s movies.

I love TV, I’m a true junkie always have been. Not all the shows I listed I’m currently watching most I have already watched.


Crazy but we love Big Brother. Haveing Big Brother let down because last night was the last show.


Hey there if you meant me yes I do LOVE Disney movies and I am also a big Pixar fan.


Oh I forgot to add that, Can’t judge I love Jersey Shore. It’s so funny!! Mike and his mouth is the best part…lol


Do you watch the new episodes “family vacation” he eats non stop! Its hilarious!


LMAO Yes!! It’s hilarious he eats Soo much Everytime the camera is on him he’s eating almost… him and Ronnie goin back and forth is just to much…lol


Serial is amazing!! It’s great for any of you that like podcasts


Lol, yes. I love it!!




Anyone else watch Life In Pieces? I ignored it when it first came on, but caught an episode on TV randomly and now I’m catching up. It’s absolutely hilarious, like a funnier Modern Family!! And it has nice long 20+ episode seasons, unlike a lot of shows on TV right now. The first 2 are currently on Netflix.


I have not but am always looking for recommendations! Will put it on my list


What ruined it for you? I haven’t watched that season or finished Cult season 7. I got scared so badly by a guy dressed as Freddie when I was out on Halloween as a kid. He looked just like him and we had to go on his porch for candy.


Favorite films? I love Bolt and the incredibles! Also love Beauty and the beast which looked so good as a play at Hollywood Studios! I keep Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast soundtracks playing on spotify. :open_mouth:


I just couldn’t get into that season. I haven’t watched any past it yet either. It was just a terrible premise. Have tried twice to get into it. Think I will just skip it and go onto the next season’s.