What's your favorite movies or tv shows?


My favorite and just about the only TV show I watch.Every season on DVD and this is whats on while I reborn.


Anything 80s I’m in love. I was little kid then but I’m a nostalgic.


Tommy use to make me mad. Angela she just a fool in love. I gotta catch up on this season.


WOW you guys, I just realized----I don’t watch TV!!! I keep up with what’s happening in the world, sometimes I watch Animal Planet or Discovery Channel or Food Network. That’s about it for me. I’m not much of a movie buff, I have too many other things to take up my time, never have time to sit and watch movies.


Tommy makes bad choices and he decides in a moment with no facts. He’s a sweetheart but stupid and in a bad line of work. Also a murderer and a bad guy! I like my villains with heart hehe.

I resent Angela for not walking away. Her and Ghost got stuck mentally as teens. It’s unresolved and they couldn’t turn back. Her sister was right and she should have been with Greg. Ghost is so manipulative and turns everyone around him into bad people too.


Don’t worry. We’ll have you addicted soon hehe. I didn’t grow up watching TV but I watch it in bursts and binge watch when I can.


I love black mirror, stranger things, doctor who… A bunch of shows really. I can’t wait for the new season of dr who!
I started watching American horror story yesterday, the asylum one. Only two episodes in, but had to stop as it was turning dark outside and I do NOT want to watch that show at night. :joy:


Haha don’t watch it in a dark room or when you’re scared. It gets very dark and crazy.


And did you see ”Making a Murderer? Yikes


Do you listen to podcasts? I bet you’d love My Favorite Murder.


I’m going to look for it!!! I don’t get scared of anything… I think all the true crime made me numb. If you like podcasts… look up SERIAL. It’s real and it’s awesome.


What was it like?


I watch everything on discovery ID, Handmaids tale, american horror story.Not liking this season so far and thought last season was horrible. Jillian Anderson was in The Fall, @nikkiroc is that the one? Big on documentaries and independent/international movies, “the great hypnotist” is a must see, subtitled & The house at the end of time-subtitled. Love Arrested development .Moving/deep movies- Japanese story and Never Forever. I normally fall into cerebral mind benders categories.


MFM is comedy/true crime. The hosts are true crime junkies and take turns recounting stories they have seen to one another. It’s more like telling stories at a sleepover with some very funny friends than a true drama. Their tagline is ”Stay Sexy, Don’t Get Murdered” lol
I haven’t listened to Serial yet but I did S-Town driving back from MS this summer. Serial is on the to do list for sure!


Let me know what you think!!! It was my life saver driving back and forth from San Antonio to Houston. How was s town? I will look for mfm on my next trip!!!


S-Town was so good! I wanted to start from the beginning again as soon as we were done. It’s an engrossing story with engaging characters that will stick with you for a long time.

Ummm…There is language with a capital asterisk in both of my recommended podcasts and probably all my shows too :roll_eyes:roll_eyes:

Just in case.


I seem to understand that language more than plain English. No worries :kiss:


Same here. I often feel like I am anachronistic. I particularly love the 50’s-60’s and the 80’s.


Me too! I’m an 80s baby and my mom was a boomer/former hippy. I’m beginning to appreciate the 70s too. Especially the fashion, music and the pop culture. I like to look up recipes from the past and the 70s and 80s are really gross. Jello food was popular.


What about Sacred Lies?