What's your favorite movies or tv shows?


Lmao!!! Totally!’ Hahahaha


Is the colony on netflivks???


I was thinking of mentioning OITNB!!! But I barely made it through season 5 just because it was so emotionally intense… Poussey was my favorite character :frowning:

The acting is amazing, and I love the cast, but I get really anxious just thinking about those situations happening in real life. Makes me want to get out and start lobbying for prison reform…


For those who like OITNB, check out Wentworth. It’s another women’s prison drama, even grittier. There are a lot of similarities actually-- but different vibes.

Have y’all seen Black Mirror?? It’s amazing. The first episode is pretty disturbing, but each episode has a totally independent story line. So if you don’t like a premise, just skip ahead.


I watch the first 48, fatal attraction, for my man, forensic files, 911, trauma in the emergency, wentworth, oinb, greenleaf, law n order. I like criminal shows. Every time I start watching a tv series I get behind n sop watching it. Scandal, how to get away with murder, power, empire, this is us, I stopped watching them.


I just finished season 6 last night


I must say, I have a much higher tolerance for dark movies than dark TV shows. I just realized that all my favorite movies are gritty dramas, but most of my TV diet involves various former cast members from SNL :joy:

In terms of movies, I just recently rewatched The Imitation Game, and I really loved it. The guy who wrote the screenplay went to my high school… plus, I’m a sucker for historical stuff. And time travel. Which means Outlander and Doctor Who make total sense for me!


(Side note: I say I watch a lot of TV, but I haven’t touched an actual TV set in years. My favorite thing to do is go on Youtube and autoplay John Oliver for hours, and I consider that to be television…)


Yes I’m always looking for new TV shows or movies. I binge watched Marvel’s Runaways in a week! I’m running out of TV shows.


The asylum made me sleep with a light on!


I love black mirror and orphan black. So sad it’s over.


I finally watched power and I’m addicted. I can’t stand Angela and how Ghost cheated on Tasha!


Yes, that’s tv for you, n sometimes real life. I watched it faithfully until this season.


When he cheated I got so mad. Why ghost?! And Tommy. He needs to think more. It’s because of how he was raised. It’s creepy when you realize why he dates red heads. OK not going to spoil it for anyone else but glad to have someone to talk to about this show.


I am way too obsessed with Psych! It’s sooooo funny! I am also a huge Greys Anatomy fan, but no spoilers, I haven’t finished yet. And finally, I just finished an amazing Netflix Original series called Atypical.


What’s atypical about???
@Theara I loved the asylum!’nn


It’s about a senior in high school named Sam who has autism. It’s his journey through graduation. There’s only 2 seasons, but it’s amazing!! @nikkiroc


Thanks!!! I need a new series!!!


I enjoy a healthy mixture of new and old TV shows. AHS, The Good Place, Dr Who, Red Dwarf, House MD, Atypical, Nailed it, Chopped, Black Books, League of Gentlemen, Fawlty Towers, Twilight Zone, ■■■■ VanDyke Show, Bob Ross, various animes, etc.

As for movies, my all time favorites are Labyrinth, the Princess Bride, Dirty Dancing, Grease 1&2, The Lost Boys, Ferris Beullers day off…

I don’t enjoy a lot of the newer movies, but I have found that I do enjoy psychological horror and surprisingly as I’m not a comic book fan the Marvel Cinematic Universe films have been enjoyable as well. (Perhaps due in part to fantastic soundtracks? )


I agree, it’s amazing! My 17 year old was recently diagnosed on the spectrum and she particularly enjoys Atypical.