What's wrong with the Reborn Market


Kay, I am sorry I took it wrong about being lucky! I just really thought you ware putting down the newbees, and I just think every one should be able to enjoy this wonderful thing called reborning. I am a pretty nice old broad too! Friends? I think put the right way all of us can learn alot from each other on this froum!



Actually I think I am the one Karen was referring to in her reply. My post was meant to agree with the initial message that the world of reborning has changed tremendously. I would never profess to be an expert on anything, I learn and improve my skills with every baby I create. I have BS degrees in education and nursing, working most of my nursing career with newborns. I minored in art and have worked in various art fields, including teaching, for over 30 years. Self confidence is admirable, but let others boast of your talents. I did have a little experience when I started reborning.

I did not mean to criticize any one on this forum, my note was based on the changes I’ve seen over the past several years with dolls on eBay. I apologize if I offended any of you in any way. Reborning will fade out in the near future, like most fads. I do not list on eBay because of the reborn market and personal reasons. Reborning is a part of my soul and I feel badly that so many excellent artists are not getting what they deserve for their dolls.

I would not feel comfortable at this time posting any advice or expertise, there are those here with years of artistic experience that would be the best to offer advice. I wish you all well in your future reborning accomplishments.


I wasn’t singling anybody out. I was using the word ‘you’ collectively.


I dont post on here much,but this is one that i had to comment on.First I dont claim to be an artist or an expert Ive been reborning for 4 yrs and I see all the faults in every doll I make.has it occured to you that maybe some of the dolls go for such a cheap price because we know that its not good enough to get anything better? I started this hobby because I love dolls, and after spending alot of money on ad dolls that were poorly done i thought hey maybe i can do better. the thing is that im not great at it but each one i got better and for you to bash the fact that we are newbees and we throw seconds out there and it makes it hard for the REAL experts to sell theirs well all i can say is i know how much the kits costs and what goes into them and personally I dont care if i step on toes either, not a single one of these dolls should ever cost more than a real baby does. for the last few months ive debated on whether or not to continue with this hobby because i look at the other ones on here and ebay and realized that i realisticly knew that i would never be as good as some on here., then to have you slam it home was the last jab, im sure my husband will be happy that i wont be spending anymore money(not that he cared) the only saving thing that made me feel a lttle better was the fact that my daughter who just had a little girl wanted me to make her a doll because she said that i can do better, i know that she thinks that and you know what thats all that matters to me., not approval by you or any other expert. i will make her her doll but i will never ever come back on here because im no artist or expert or whatever you think you are,. i put love into everyone of my creations maybe thats what draws the buyers to us.


I am fairly new to reborning also- but I have really tried to improve my skills and I totally respect veteran reborn artists and appreciate their work- try to learn from it. I think the problem is Ebay and the economy. Ebay is really not the best place to sell artwork- I mean you have got a combination of great reborn artists and newbies and honest people and some not so honest people… But- the reality is sales happen. Ebay is making record stock- and we have all helped them. I have my babies on other sites- Etsy, and different forums- but less face it, the big market is Ebay- Evilbay. All my sales have happened there. I would love to do craft shows, but I work 32 hours a week and have a real baby at home. The economy for dolls is competitive and prices are lowered to make the sales- it’s sad. I hope it gets better soon. All of you have safe and happy holidays!


granny, please don’t let petty, jealous people drive you away from something you love. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and just because a couple of people feel superior to some, doesn’t mean you should stop doing what you love. Ignore the ignorant and just continue on. We ALL improve with each baby and there are NO experts in this field because its too dang new! I won’t even call Melissa George an expert and she’s my favorite artist!


thank you karen i appreciate that, i started this hobby because i wanted them but could not afford them the thing is that im not kidding myself on the fact that there are many very talented people out there that put love and care into every creation and they are left lacking,growing up i was taught to do my best for that is all we have, if my best is deemed substandard and sloppy then whats that say about me?Im sorry but im ok with the fact that im not as good as some but i can tell you this every doll that i sold half i didnt even break even on but you know what? i was very proud of them because the customer was all smiles and very happy and able to have the one thing that they thought they couldnt have so im ok with that, im still done wth it though because its a hobby not a job. i trully am sorry for being short but when i read this post it was like being in grade school again and being teased because i wasnt dressed as well as the others,the thing is we are all different some of us do it for the joy others for the glory i myself am done. thank you again karen i wish aqll the success that you deserve for you truly are a special woman.


Well Ladies,

My $.02 again. I have been reborning for about 5 years and all I can say is we are all going to be “better at this than others and not as good as some”. I think I have improved in some areas and in others maybe I will NEVER improve because it is the BEST that I can do.

Also - there is a market out there for those really talented reborners whose babies are going to sell for $600, $800 and way more. And then there are going to be those that sell for $300, $400 and some of us are maybe only going to sell for $150 - $250. But guess what? Whoever we sell to has chosen US and OUR babies and we have made them happy no matter what they have paid.

In my previous post I mentioned a woman I met who bought a reborn doll at a doll show. And now that I think about it (not knowing what she paid for it) - - - she loves it and isn’t that all that matters??

So let’s all find our market, sell our babies, make people happy.

Have a great upcoming Thanksgiving and let’s really give “thanks”.




Okay Okay Guys Lets just call a truce. We all have our own opinions and that is what makes the world go round, being nasty does’nt solve a thing Karen.FOR THE RECORD I HAVE NEVER BEEN JEALOUS OF ANYONE IN MY LIFE AND IN NO WAY HAVE I EVER THOUGHT OF MYSELF AS AN EXPERT. Lets just all enjoy what we are doing in our own way. My very best to all of you, A very Happy Twenty three year Cancer survivor, Kay


I started reading this thread earlier this morning and had to go babysit my grand daughter and just go back to finish reading this thread.
I thought i would add a little to why i started reborning. I have always loved babies and started collecting dolls many years ago. I have never had enough money to spend hundreds of dollars for a doll. I have been married for 31 years raised 4 children and worked in a factory for 24 years before it closed.
I had looked at reborns a couple of years ago, and then it went by the wayside like somay things do as i had more important ways to spend what money i had.
Then i decided to buy a couple of dolls to add to my personal collection. Keep in mind right now i am an unemployed full time student at age 49. So i bought what i could afford, where was 4 dolls 3 were ok and i am sure worth what money i paid for them. 1 totally sucked. I decided i could make ok dolls to add to my collection and take the time with them until I am happy with the way they look. NOTICE i said that i am happy with. I have never sold a doll yet. I am workin on my 4th doll and have several more to make for my personl collection. probably about 12 that i bought the kits all on sale.
I have several people that want me to make them a doll. I might do this when i learn more. I am sure everyone that has started this has their own reason to want to make dolls. I can also say it is not some get rich quick scheme as i have found if you are taking the time to make as realistic baby as you can this is a really long process.
If i could figure out how to post pictures I could show you my dolls.
My total collections had all kinds of dolls from cabbage patch dolls to a burlesque dancer.
I have asked many questions on this forum and have had many helpful answers.
I hope to keep reborning and improving my skills. My mother was the artistic one in the family and if she was still here i am sure she would enjoy this art form. I have many different things she has painted over the years and treasure everyone of them. I hope also that any dolls I make like the one with my granddaughters hair will be cherished for many years to come.
Judy Lane


Kay I understand just what you mean don’t worry about it. Oh and you don’t come off as being JEALOUS at all LOL!! (Dolly hugs)


Judy I am lousy at posting pictures but I’m sure someone in here will sure you how. We would love to see your babies. I too collect dolls and that is why I started reborning when porcelain doll making went bust. I will have to start taking more pictures myself. Happy baby making and if your friends like your babies enough to want you to make them one Go for it. Dolly Hugs Kay


Kay I read all this thread and I can somewhat see what you are saying but I am not sure that crappy reborns selling for low prices are going to be the largest contributing factor to sales/sale prices declining for others. Seems like ever since I started reborning back in 2004 that there have been crappy reborns selling for low prices. I have to admit when I look back at some of my first babies I sold I would have to put them in that category! LMBO! At the time though I was so excited with my new found hobby that they were all beautiful to me.

I DO agree that the reborn market is now flooded but it seems to me that is more the result of large varieties of kits being sold now at sale prices as well as multiple reborning tutorials and videos that can be purchased or are free. The fact is that I never buy a reborn from someone else because I can make it myself cheaper if I really want it. Can I make it as lovely as some of my favorite artists? No, but then I CAN make a very nice reborn that I am proud to own (not a crappy one either) for myself cheaper than buying one and money wins out every time. So I think a lot of our buyers have now become reborners so that they can make their own for cheaper too.

— Begin quote from ____

I have been reborning for about 5 years and all I can say is we are all going to be “better at this than others and not as good as some”. I think I have improved in some areas and in others maybe I will NEVER improve because it is the BEST that I can do.

Also - there is a market out there for those really talented reborners whose babies are going to sell for $600, $800 and way more. And then there are going to be those that sell for $300, $400 and some of us are maybe only going to sell for $150 - $250. But guess what? Whoever we sell to has chosen US and OUR babies and we have made them happy no matter what they have paid.

— End quote

I quoted Judy on this because I think she brings up very good points as well. I am ever striving to improve my reborning skills and if you look over my reborn album pages from the last 6 years I think you will see a definite improvement. Even still there are many out there who are much better than me. I don’t know if I am as good as I will ever be (hopefully not) but I don’t think I am crappy (like my earlier days ha ha!)

Sometimes I sell what I call Budget Babies that are still very nice reborns with just a onesie or sleeper because I can sell them when nothing else is moving. Sometimes I leave them bald or I do give them lightly painted hair. I have actually had buyers request it due to mohair allergies. I used to not care for painted hair either but I have learned that there are buyers who do. There are also reborn artists out there that can give their babies painted hair that looks amazingly realistic to me.

I also have been selling more dolls locally rather than on Ebay lately and I can tell you that around here $200 is average with $250 being the most you are going to get anyone to pay for a doll. There are no ebay and PP fees to pay and it is not all bad. That is why I try to hit the $30 sale kits on DD or BB, glean the clearance clothing racks, and buy supplies on sales in bulk so that I can afford to make and sell a reborn for that price. I would love to make more money but for me it is more about the ability to keep doing something I love than making money.

I also wanted to comment on the feedback. I like many used to give everyone nice comments and no real feedback. Then 3 years ago when I opened my own forum I decided that I would stop that and give honest feedback on all boards where I post. Feedback can be encouraging of positive aspects and truthful about what needs improvement all at the same time. However, not all reborners want to hear the truth. Often you get told basically “thanks but no thanks” or “I like it the way it is” and the reborner will not fix what is wrong and will still put the baby up for sale. It isn’t until we are all willing to detach our own emotions from our work and look at it from a distance that we can really learn.

That’s not to say that all feedback on chat boards is reliable either. I have had some stupid suggestions on boards over the years too! I found a couple artists that I admire their work who have good sales and credibility in the business and I go ask them for critique. I can say that listening to feedback from those I respect in the art has really helped me improve and I encourage everyone to form relationships with those you admire who are willing to help you along.

Well, I didn’t mean to ramble on so much and I hope that I didn’t offend anyone. I don’t get over here to post nearly as much as I used to but I have been sick this week and have had lots of computer time.

Dolly hugs to you all!


I have been reborning for about 31/2 years now. and some in the being where so so , I am getting better . But who is to say what is good or bad . it is in the eyes of the beholder. and in three half year i only put two on ebay . and they did not sale . I got lot of call but they did not like my cost so now I sale on my web site

too people I know and pepole I work with

and they seam to like them. are they good reborn or not .I hope to think they are good , I donot know . you tell me.


— Begin quote from “anjsmiles”

That is why I try to hit the $30 sale kits on DD or BB, glean the clearance clothing racks, and buy supplies on sales in bulk so that I can afford to make and sell a reborn for that price.

— End quote

I see DD mentioned every once in a while and have never been able to figure out what site it is. What does DD stand for? Im always looking for a good sale.


Doll Dreams


Hello all!
I don’t post much but I just wanted to offer up my opinion…

When I started reading this thread it made me sad. However, as I continued to read it (and finish reading it) I realized some things; (1) The author just needed to vent a bit, not really meaning to step on toes or do anyone any harm, (2) The amount of replies proved that we all feel as though we have room for improvement, (3) Just like with any family we can get under each others skin and hurt feelings as well as make up. And that is how I truely feel, as though we are all one big reborning family. And to me what drives that point home is the fact that most people who replied to this post brougt up the fact that no one was honestly telling them what they should correct with their reborning. While I agree that when asked honesty is always the best policy, I also believe that because we have all been there no one wants to hurt someone else’s feelings by telling them what they did “wrong” so we focus on what we like most about the doll. Just like when a little sibling tries to do what an older one does but doesn’t quite get it right the first time, they aren’t told step by step what they did wrong, but are commended for what they did “right” and told to keep practicing. And sometimes the older sibling just needs to vent. I’m not saying that there weren’t feelings hurt on both sides of this debate, but what I am saying is that I love this web site (as do many others) and just want to put this behind us and get back to what we all love to do… reborn. I don’t really know how many of you will take this and I hope not to have offended anyone by saying any of this but…
what do you say guys, forgive… forget… and let’s get reborning again!!


Well said heather, its totaly pointless ranting over what is being sold. Everyone has to start somewhere, and whether we class the work of others as “rubbish” or “breathtaking” is just our own opinion, someone may have spent many hours working on a doll that they are extreamly proud of, why trash that !!!

Ive sold dolls for as little as £129 and for as much as £1010, personaly I dont get frustrated, as as long as I make enough money back to work on my next project im happy.

It dosent matter if we have been reborning for 10 years or 2 months, it doesnt matter if we have been doll colllectors all our life (or like myself) have no interest in owning a doll, everyone has there reasons for reborning.

Personaly for me its the being creative, and watching something come to life, I know I will never be as good as Denise farmer, or Selena saxon, but Im so glad they are as talented as they are and continue to bless us with there work, as everyone needs someone to look up to

hugs Gemma xxx


I’d love to add to this warpath…selling our babies on eBay is no longer a main choice for me…money is tight all-around,eBay’s fee’s are a joke…and the buyers on eBay of these reborn babies that we create are not the collector crowd or even interested in owning any of these babies…they try to buy super cheap(and if you are low on funds,you’ll being selling them,super cheap)and then try to pass them off as their own creation and or resell for much more money…I’ve been forced to sell some of my babies for $75-$100 when I’d usually get $200 for it…I’m still new at reborning…and am addicted to the art…I can’t quiet even if I tried…
…been reborning for nearly 7 months now and 18 babies later…I’m really tired of selling my precious babies for mere peanuts…hell I’d rather give them for presents to some poor little princesses in my area…I plan on adding and enhancing my art by designing tiny smocks for them that’ll add to their uniqueness


I think the war path is closed. lol

I’d love to see some of your babies in their smocked dresses if you would like to share. I love smocked dresses. They are even easier to make if you use checked material instead of marking the dots.

Sorry the economy stinks now but keep doing what makes you happy it can only get better.