What's with all the Tamie Yarie mania all of a sudden?


Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE her kits and she has always been my favorite artist. It just seems that now I see people on several boards looking for Yarie kits. Why all the interest all of a sudden?


I have never reborned a Yarie (yet). I do think they are very realistic and adorable. Ever since Samiah and Max cam out, I have really wanted to reborn them as twins. They are just too cute!


Not sure about everyone else but she is one of my favorite artist. I get every new kit she comes out with. (I can’t help myself) I also have some of her older kits that I’m not willing to part wth. I love Adrie Stoete too. But I don’t by all of her kits because frankly…she comes out with too many at a time. So I pick and choose on hers.



I am new to this and I just love her babies!I wasn’t doing this when she came out with most of them so now I am searching everywhere! All I have is Taylor and Max. My 9 yearold granddaughter loves them even more than me!!


I was wondering the same thing as I just sold a Natalie kit to one of our board members. But maybe it’s because they are so limited



Aww she is stunning. Bol on her auction, She soar for you.

       Hugs Tina


Mimi, your Maxi is fabulous!!! I’m am in looooooovvvvve. I guess that’s why the Yarie babies are so popular.


I want any sleeping yarie kit. I fell in love when I seen my friends brylee.


Yes, I agree, they are beautiful, realistic babies. I wish Samiah and Max had been bigger, I just don’t like doing the tiny babies.


I love all her babies. I wanted to do Neveah Mae, but she was sold out before I got to her. Ever since then, I try to buy the kit before she sells out, just in case. Her babies are so realistic. My favorite has been Maggie so far, I think. I can’t wait to do Max and Samiah as twins!


Ah. My first Yarie to reborn was an Ashton and I loved him! I wanted to get Brylee but he sold out before I could. I have also reborn Ivy, Maggie and Julianna who is my forever baby. I would love to have all her kits but they are pricey and I can’t always afford them. The same with Adrie’s babies. I love those too but once again can’t always afford them when they come out.


I love Tamies babies can you tell? Even the little ones. I think they have such pretty features and nice detail.


I too, am a Tamie addict. I believe I have at least one of every single kit she has produced starting with Ivy and Hannah that I got from RDK many years ago.


I love her work because she is a stickler for details, I really fell for Samiah and Max because I love doing preemies and dressing them. I finished her as an AA and trying to decide on what Max will be.


For one, her kits are gorgeous. Secondly, dolls tend to be hot one minute and then the next thing you know, we’ve moved on to something else. Remember when Sheila Michaels was the going thing? Now you can get them for a song. I love Tamie’s kits…just wish they weren’t so booged high $$$.


I collect the Yarie babies, there is just something “Magical”, about those dolls. They are just so realistic and have fine details, I just simply love all of them. I do hope she continues to make the larger ones that are a real baby size. I would love to see a Samiah, in the size of Julianna made. I don’t think Tamie’s dolls will ever go out of style as they say, they are classics. I would love to find a Navaeh Mae, the one she named after her grandmother.