Whats the verdict...Air dry gloss?


I have tried different glues and glosses and just don’t know what is the best. Since I’ve been experimenting only the last few months I don’t know how different things hold up over the years. What is the best thing to use? I’ve heard of the pledge gloss but I my head just can’t wrap around using that lol. I’ve searched the forum and found different opinions on many different products. Does Mod Podge hold up well? Or golden products? Or is there one from a reborn supply store that is good? I’m lost, so what is the best to use for long term?


For glossing lips, nails, around eyes and nostrils I really like the Golden Polymer Varnishes in gloss and satin. I use them directly from the container :slight_smile: For adding moisture to the eyes I use a thin layer of Pledge. Both seem to hold up very well, don’t yellow, flake or go tacky like some other products can.


I use Pledge for eyes, Americana Soft Touch Varnish for lips, and Mod Podge Gloss for areas I want to look wet-lower lip, corners of eyes.


Do you know if this works the same as the golden polymer varnish?


@RebeccaKatie I’ve never used this particular product so I’m not sure. Maybe someone who has used it will read this and be able to answer that


Ok thank you!! The only one like you use my store has is 8 oz and I can’t see needing that much lol


Can you use the Golden products on Genesis babies?


Could anyone post a picture of Pledge please and how do you apply it. I’m so worried my all thumbs self will go crazy and ruin baby.


As far as I know the Golden Varnishes should work just fine over fully cured genesis paints :slight_smile:


Does anyone use Pledge on their babies’ lips?


I use this one
I dip a small round brush into the pledge then allow it to drip into the center of the eye and it will spread out. I typically do a couple drops allow to dry several hours then add more if needed. If I add too much I will just dab at the corners of the eyes with a dry brush or wedge to suck up extra.


Thank you! :heart:


Thank you! Now how might this effect rooted eyelashes? With the glue and such. Sorry for all of the questions:)


Would that work on lips too?? Or only eyes? You’re the group expert!


I’ve used Americana DuraClear, Liquidtex, and a few others with no problem over Genesis and air dry. I’ve also painted using both Genesis and air dry interchangeably with no problem. I can’t remember if I’ve baked air dry gloss but probably have accidentally. Never had a problem with the gloss peeling or flaking even after 10+ years.