Whats the new anna?

Its November 27 (AKA the end of November) and the new Anna Scuplt should be coming out any day now? Im confused because Bountiful Baby hasnt shown us at all what she looks like. Is she really coming out the end of november? I am curious to see her.

She’s out but the pitcure doesn’t show one that’s painted.

Can’t wait to see her! The face looks adorable even undone.

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She’s out but the pitcure doesn’t show one that’s painted.

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where i cant see it i wanna see!

ohhh! cant wait to see the proto

http://www.bountifulbaby.com/seaside/in … =t&d=false

is that bella limbs still??

More information is here:

Thanks so much, everyone!

Bountiful Baby

looks like bella limbs to me…sage

I GOT her!! LOL I thought hey why not give it a go and see if BB likes it. I have been reborning for almost 3yrs now so i should be getting better right?? haha

But i havent decided on what skintone to give her, pats babies always look good as AA. mmm… well i will see when i get her. bieng a aussie that will be hopefully in a week.

If I had the $$ right now. I wonder when they will close for entries to be chosen.

I would like to do that but when are these pictures due. Does anyone know.

That sounds great! Now to just get my Anna kit in.

Oh thats great 31st decemeber gives me plenty of time to get her and finish her… LOL i hope im swamped with custom orders!!! Nah shoudl be easy, once i get her i will be starting her!