What's the best mohair

What’s the best mohair for your money. Also how much mohair does it take for tibby?

Slumberland s about $30 I think for 1/2 oz. It’s super silky. Delta dawn is nice but much more expensive. I bought 1/2 oz of dd for $50. I use about 1/2 oz for a baby head so my guess would be tibby would need 1 oz to root.

In my opinion its Delta Dawn, I love it. Its never frizzy, never mattes up. She is great to deal with also.

Anybody have links? We should post links to them.

Bountiful Baby

Here’s the links I have. I think on the Delta Dawn site you have to contact her directly.


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I only buy from Slumberland; love her mohair.

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Me Too!!!

Slumberland and Angora Mohtique.

What about mohair by debbie is it any good.

For those who have purchased Slumberland, have you purchased mostly kid?

I think I’m going to try slumberland’s mohair.

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I think on the Delta Dawn site you have to contact her directly.

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How? There’s no email address at the link.

Bountiful Baby

I know. Someone gave me the link to that particular page. I will have to try and track down more info.

For those who would like to try my mohair -it comes with a Satisfaction Garentee -if you dont like it return it right a way and I will give you your money back!!!

Bumping this up because Cher’s mohair is GREAT!!!