What's next?


I’m re-doing a doll for someone. It’s the most poorly painted doll I’ve seen. I think they must have used industrial strength boat varnish to seal it. I had to use acetone to strip it because nothing else would touch it. Even with acetone it was hard to get off. This is what they used to glue the eyes in and it was dripped all over the inside of the head. It looks like glitter glue and foam pipe insulation.



Oh my!






Mercy! :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


Wow. Looks like they just threw whatever they felt like in there.


If there is ANYONE who can fix it it’s YOU Jean!!! You are the master!!! :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️


Thanks Nikki. She coming along nicely now. Almost done. I really enjoy taking a disaster and turning it into something cute.


No one does it better! :heart:


I have done the same thing lately. I purchased 6 babies and have been slowly reworking them. Just finished up Ethon Brace yesterday. I like to fix up broken, ugly, mistreated baby dolls. I even buy some LM and Ashton Drakes or that type of doll from a local doll shop here every once in a while to fix up.


I have a bunch of old Aston drake and Lee Middleton dolls that I bought in the 90’s. They have the harder vinyl limbs and heads. Can these be repainted the heat set paints?


Yes they can be, They are a pain though because the vinyl is harder.