Whats fair? (now in for sale section)

Ok ladies, I only used these heat set paints a handful of times. I have made a p permanent switch to air dry and won’t use them again. What’s a fair price do you think? A couple jars have a chunk out but most are pretty full… Should I try eBay or craigslist do you think?

Also I double bagged them to pack them away and they’re greasy. Does that matter? Should I try to sell them,or see if I can trade for non bb kits?

I can’t give you a fair price but ebay will be better than CraigsList. That’s where I look periodicaly for colors…and most people don’t care if they were ‘used’ jars. So many people quit or change mediums. Make sure and very clear pictures to show the level/amount in the jar. Take a paper towel or tissue and clean all the jars before you take pics too. Mine are not packed away and they get greasy just sitting on the table. Good Luck!

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What colors do you have?

I’ve listed them,under for sale they’re all bb genesis. The grease has made the labels slide off

Ok I’m going to look!:smiley:

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I didn’t see it…

I see you found the thread. :blush:

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Yes, it didn’t show when I tried it from my email link, so I tried from main page and VOILA!:wink:

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