Whatcha working on?!


I have 3 monsters that are waiting for items to arrive and in the meantime, I started working on Twin B and Miranda (human). It feels good to brush up on my ‘human’ painting skills lol


Monsters? Like what kind? I’m intrigued. I absolutely love anything out of the “norm” .


Martha Grace, Veins done just building up her Creases now.


Your WIPS are looking great!
I finally started work on a Julien Marx kit I had in my kit stash. I’m trying to build his skin tones without going too dark. This is what I have so far.

Warning…boy parts!


Here’s my doll page. You can take a look. I’ve made a lot of monsters :slight_smile: https://www.facebook.com/OnceUponAMoonlitNightRebornNursery/?timeline_context_item_type=intro_card_work&timeline_context_item_source=100002919091318


I love seeing what everyone is working on! Your babies all look great so far. I’m working on my first biracial baby. It’s taking a lot longer than I thought but I’m having fun with her.


Looking great :+1:


I have been slowly working on Ella!!


Just finished Wolke Wederich… real photos tomorrow :grinning:


I am working on Boo II. The Mom of Baby Boo/Beetlejuice baby wanted a sister to her baby soo working on hair right

now.Photos aren’t the greatest sorry. Got more to do but heres where I am at on my haunted little one…:footprints::baby:


Let me know when you list this one! I need a haunted baby! And I love this one!!


Hi Nikki, this is one of my new haunted children but this one is sold already, sorry. I can make one for you if you want. I’m only charging $250. to $275 for these little ones plus shipping and you can pick hair color but each one I paint is a little different, also have the pupiless eyes . I usually do the eyes that look best with the skin tone. Let me know I will be finishing this one this week and could start on one for you.Thanks for loving her,I’m getting attached to these little ones myself. Thanks


Love all of your works of art, ladies!!!


Little Lexi stuffed with a couple of washcloths lol. She needs her rooted eyelashes and will be born tomorrow :). Next is an open eyed baby after I get Work done!!


I’m going to sell her as a boo boo. The creases are too dark among other things.


She looks very good to me.I think you are doing great.


Thank you Mary Jane.


Currently working on 2 toddlers, isabella and Emmy


Aspen and Leif, Luxe and Levi.


working on tiny 9" Patience by LLE