That’s a comfort! :slight_smile:


I missed something too,but that’s fine with me. Everytime some drama happens, I notice a few more people disappear and it’s really a shame. It’s usually the people that are the most helpful. I like what Ann @2layz said. I have never ever painted or drew anything in my life. For me this has been an uphill battle. I am also the type that likes to know how things work and apply those principles to other things. So I didn’t just buy a set of paint and go at it. I bought a few paints then tried to learn about the mediums and additives etc. While some may have got their supplies and went at it. I have been reading and teaching myself, along with the helpful ladies here.It’s hard for me using airdry and having to convert heatset principles to match mine Yes, i can conform and get the idea of how to maybe apply that technique to mine but that again is another learning curve. Now my frustration is seeing many others cranking kids out and here I am just dealing with life’s distractions and not getting anything accomplished. But honesty as to what some people can or know how to do is very important. When someone does an exceptionally beautiful doll and it’s their first, it’s only natural to look at one’s self and think what is wrong with me. I have done that countless times. Everyone’s situation is unique and if I didn’t give myself a pep talks, i would of quit a long time ago. I try to use those beautiful dolls as a resource and also incentive to work towards. Also, perfectionism is a handicap. It’s a personality issue that I will always battle. So, I’m hanging in there because this is the first time in my life that I had a true undying interest in something that is creative. I don’t care how weird some think it is or what they may say. It makes me happy and there’s no harm in it. So whatever was said blow it off and enjoy painting.


Thank you, Lisa! I love what you said, your extreme honesty, and your ability to speak the sheer truth~ you are a delicate and wise gem, of your young age…what incredible traits and talents , as well as, countless others to have :kissing_heart:


I did see your progress and it looks like I have another inspiration to add to my list! Funny how many on here really do share the same qualities and traits. When some disclose their issues it rings so close to home. At first I thought it was just by chance, but maybe it IS the reason we all wound up here in the first place. Thanks for the compliment, but I’m old as dirt. That’s probably the reason why i say what is on my mind. I’ve reached that age where I can get away with it.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Lisa…I always say I’m old as dirt! :joy: You really said it all, and I can’t add a thing to grant anything of more guidance or wisdom than you’ve allowed along with @2lays so…I thank you greatly for the awesome compliment…this is my first venture into the reborn world, and I will openly admit, I am in it! Hook, line, and sinker! I look forward to us meeting and continuing to converse on the venue…we all know, Itsa kool and inspirational group of people ! Oh, and I’ve reached the same age…I have a great attitude (but this mouth) LOL! :joy:


@GypsyRoss, since this is a new venture for you maybe you can go to the ROSE show in July 2018. We all have a wonderful time Looking, Buying and Socializing with each other. The show was absolutely phenomenal this year. If you’ve never been, save your money and GO, it’s worth every dime!! Seeing all the great artists babies is such a joy and buying lots of stuff for your own reborns is so fun!! Seeing our friends from all over the world is Awesome!! Try to go, you won’t be sorry!!


I’ve heard of the Rose show… Thank you so much for t Lhynn for athat! I’ll have to try and see if I can swing it! I know that would be awesome! Thanks again! :kissing_heart:


At my age, Even if you couldn’t"get away with it" you really don’t care😉lol


LOL! I’m with you~Renati! :joy:


“What”~ has turned out to be a nice lil place to chat! :blush:


Isn’t that the truth!! That is one of the few perks of growing older.


I have a feeling as i grow older im going to be "that crazy lady down the street"lol


Granny, I’min the big house on the corner of the block…with cats…(I beat you to it)! LOL :laughing:


Lol, I’ll move to the other end.:wink:


Alright! But only if you’ll come and visit me…:blush: bring the cookies! :yum:


Sweet, I love cookies! Its a deal, packing now.ummm where is it im packing to?!lol


NW Kansas :grin:


Ohhh, always wanted to see that …ok im in😉


Renati~bring backup! Coffee, cookies and lots of Christmas cheer! …I’m worn out…doing a doll takes a lot of energy outta ya lol…I’m not ready for everything “Christmas” at this juncture… :scream: