What you use to open baby nose?


I haven’t tried this but it sounds like an easy way to do it.

I used to use a dremmel, but after scuffing up a little nose I decided to try a handheld drill. I like it much better. You have more control.

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dh has one of those big drills with ALL KINDS of different sized bits for it. I’ve been able to find the size I need for every doll so far, luckily. I have him do it for me though, I’m afraid it will get away from me, lol. He drills it, then I file down any rough edges with a file. Works perfect for mine

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I just hold the drill bit in my fingers and turn it by hand. I can’t imagine doing it with a power tool. I start with a tiny drill bit and then after it goes through I move to a bigger and then a bigger one.

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This is basically the way I do it, but I use the drill bit that is the correct size & drill it out with that…I then use a rat tail (round) file to smooth it down & get rid of any "boogers"
Any way that works for you, but I do recommend doing it by hand…it’s fairly quick & you don’t have to worry about scuffing up the vinyl or losing control of the drill!


I do it just like on the tutorial link…heat my head push in the skewers or whatever you are gona use and let the head cool completly…and there they are perfect everytime…

What JubileeJ said I do warm up the nose with a heat gun and it opens’ much easier.

I’ve never tried that…learn something new everyday…Thanks!


I use a hand-held drill, but I don’t always open the nose. Some of the sculpts look just fine without the nose being opened.

I use the dremmel. What I do is insert the tip into the nose then turn it on. Then when the hole is threw, I turn the drill off before removing it. Keep it from sliding around and marking up your baby.

I use a beading tool that you can make a hole in something and make it into a bead -it is some what like a rat tail file but finer -works really well for me !!! I got it at Walmart in the craft section

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I agree with scrummy, nostrils aren’t round they are more tear drop shaped. If you heat the awl or needle file at the centre of a flame this is where it burns the hottest and cleanest, it will only leave black marks if you have heated it near the top of the flame where it will deposit carbon on the awl thus leaving black marks.

You can start with a drilled hole and taper it with a heated awl that will also give a tidier finish as it heats the vinyl.