What would you like to see tuts of?

I am working on several Tuts -what would you like to learn more about ?
Thanks for your input !!!

My Nightmare, Making my eyebrows realistic and I would like to see some hairpainting. I am still on the fence about that. I just love the little mohair heads.

hairpainting with both the primscolor pencils and the ghsp

Ok Ill work on those also !!!Thanks

I read on another topic that you process your own hair. I assume that means coloring, too. Processing and coloring would be a great tutorial.

Cher this is so nice of you to do for all of us! Thank-you so much! You do your own mohair? If so, do you sell it? I looked at B.B. and it looks like they wont be selling mohair anymore.

I have been doing my own hair for about 18 mo now and love the hair I have !!!-I am very careful not to shock -boil or over process the hair and do not wash out the protective oils and lanolin untill I am ready to process it -I keep it in the freezer to keep the moths out too!!!
Yea I do sell hair also but I process it kinda slow so I wouldnt want to take orders -but I will post pics as I get some done up -it would be helpful if I knew what colors most people would be interested in -as well as curly,wavy/curyl ,wavy ,wavy/straight
and I well do a tut on this also

I like all shades of blonde to light brown and all hair type except for very curley. If you did a tut on processing hair that would be great!

I would like to see the rooting in a slow pace. It would be intresting to see how to processing the hair to coloring I like to learn how to do it. I’d like to be able to process my own hair from curly to straight. Can you make a tut on light complexion AA baby.

I will add this to my lists!!!

Cher, I have to say that what you are doing here is amazing. It is greatly appreciated. I find it hard when people want to charge for sharing this type of info, so I marvel at your willingness to go against the greed of the crowd! I have gained some insights from this and am sure others have, too. You are blessed.