What would improve bargain of the day-my suggestion

BB could put some objects safely into padded envelopes to save on postage.
We cant fill our shopping cart full everytime we want the bargain to make it “worth it”.


I agree…and not only on the item of the day…why can’t they use padded envelopes to ship other small things…like a pair of eyes?? or a couple paints?? I think it would be wonderful

I double the motion.

I agree. I started to buy the beating heart but then fastly remembered, the shipping would be twice the cost of the heart…

I spend hours every week browsing BB, wondering which things I’d like to buy, but I have never bought anything from them because I’m in Brazil, they only ship Express and Express ALWAYS means taxes here.

Scrummy ofcourse we all know thats the idea but but who is going to be dumb enough to do that everyday?

I dont think they are selling at a loss.

I got my binki and bindi today they smell very powerful like glue, not good for my asthma, but they are adorable.

I am hoping they will offer a cute doll kit soon! I wont be buying any small little things and pay more for shipping. Just doesnt seem feasible to me but I would buy a cute doll kit