What was the first baby you reborned?

Mine was Puddin

Well since it was over 12 years ago…it was a rosebud berenguer doll.

Mine was a 17" all vinyl Berjusa preemie. I adapted a body from a Prilly Charmin pattern. He had a purple inside wash (is now totally bruised) and was colored with different types of oils and acrylics. Waaaaaaaay back in the day!

$2 Yard sale beranger that was15-16 in and sold with several outfits for $199-I painted it with regular craft acrylics and it turned out pretty cute -but -I have come a LONG way from those days LOL

Connor. I fell in love with him and his price was really good too! 14.95 I think about 18 mo. ago. I have come a long way since then, but he still doesn’t look all that bad I don’t think!

my first was an Anneke Doeven sculpt. I was attempting to strip the paint off of her to start again and I ended up melting her. She was a gooey mess that ended up in the trash. (Dont soak your doll parts in orange furniture stripper)

Mine was Zoe!!

Here’s the first one that I actually sold. The first few that I call my “practice babies” are laying around in parts.
She was one of the more expensive Berenguers that I got a good deal on. She is wearing a wig and is painted with acrylics. Oh, I am so glad those days are behind me.

My first was paisley following denise’s dvd tutorial.

Puddin’ from Bloomers n’ Bows
I still have her

Mine was a little 14" Lots to Love that at the time I thought was quite lovely! Now I chuckle at her red mouth and long lashes!

Mine was an Angela Harris kit, Adam, which turned out to be Rylee a girl.

With love nursery----your little Caden has a hand like Nod or should I say—Nod has a hand like Caden.