What type hair for rooting ethnic baby

I’m trying to find hair for an ethnic baby. I want dark loose soft waves but not too curly. Any suggestions please?


What size is your baby?

I will be doing preemie and newborn up to 20"

I am loving this hair if you want to contact her I can give you her info


Yes please. That would be great. That hair looks great.

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Thank you :blush:

Angelic Lullabies-Cathy King
This is her just type it in on Facebook, she is a reborn artist as well. Just send her a message and she will discuss mohair with you. Very nice lady too.

Her hair was the closest in texture to Angela’s Premium Mohair I have found yet. This is the Adult fine wavy mohair in I believe she called it dark brunette. Looks pretty close to black to me. But she sells all different colors and styles. I needed the perfect strawberry blonde in straight and she nailed it perfectly for me. Here is that hair

im about to post dome human hair tonight on the forumn


I need hair just like this for a biracial reborn. Can you give me some keywords as to what I should be lookingfor/asking about?

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You are welcome to give her a screenshot of my baby. But they are what she is calling a more loose curl. I just told her black or nearly black was fine. This is not true black. Oh and I used fine adult Mohair.

I needed a tighter curl for my A.A. Baby next. She only had it in yearling so that should arrive today or tomorrow.