What towels do you use that are lint-free?


I kept noticing that my paint or doll was continually covered in fuzz-like particles. At first I thought my paint brushes were falling apart, but then realized it was the paper towels that I was using. Anyone else have this problem? What towels do you find leave less fuzzy particles?


I use a flat white sheet under my work. (as a drop cloth) I wipe my brushes on it… unless I am cleaning up when I am done painting. (I put my paints and brushes all away every time due to having toddlers.)

I use Viva paper towels for that.


I like to use burp rags. Particularly the solid white ones by Gerber! I also use hospital pads!


i some times use doggie pee pads to put under where i am working they work great.
no fuzzies and easy clean up


Thank you all for your help!!!


I also use doggie wee pads. For a cheaper alternative you can use brown craft or butcher paper. It’s what I’m sing for silicone painting which we all know you gotta be cautious of dust.


I use white cloth diapers (new, of course :sunglasses:)


I paint over puppy pads. I am quite messy at times. I have a couple of towels I have ruined and I use them on my lap to wipe my brushes on.


I buy the chucks pads from an online medical supply place. The ones I uses are really big and cover my entire work space. I bought a case of 100 when I first started painting babies, at the end of 2015, and i’m not even half way through the case. They absorb super well and the top stays dry, nothing rubs off of the pad.


I learned something new today - Chuck Pads. I had to look them up, lol!