What to do with Jewel?

Here’s my progress on Jewel, not much to see yet. Now it’s time to decide if he’s caucasian or biracial. What do you guys think? Also these aren’t his permanent eyes, they’re too big and barely stay in. He’ll get a permanent pair next time I sell a doll. It’s hard to see but he has 4 or 5 layers of mottling, veins/undertones, lips and nails started. It’s all more visible in person.


Either way will be precious. But I really like the idea of biracial. :heart_eyes:

Thanks! I have no clue what to do with him, he was a surprise gift from a friend. Not a kit I would’ve bought myself but he’s pretty cute when done right and I’m up for the challenge.


Very sweet! I like him with a fair skintone, but I’m sure whatever you decide will look beautiful! He is a very cute kit when done. I love his lips and the color you are doing on them. Are those glass eyes or acrylic? I love the color!

His eyes are ethnic brown acrylic from Macpherson’s! They’re very pretty, but very dark. I used them in my ethnic Tink and they looked great. I think the lip color is just Quinacridone crimson with thinning medium.

I’d go for biracial, especially with those pretty eyes!

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He won’t have those eyes, they don’t fit and they also fell and are all cracked up inside. He may get brown eyes though, who knows lol
I’m working on a photography tutorial and rooting a silicone baby so Jewel is kinda neglected since I couldn’t finish him even if I wanted to right now.