What to do: not happy with the reborn I paid $677 for - RESOLVED: I shall not be asking for a refund, reasons in posts if interested


It can take me up to 4 weeks to paint and root. I have a full time job and 3 kids with their various activities, so I don’t always get to paint every day.


I said that because often customers think they own an artist the minute money changes hands. And I’ve had quite a few get angry when I can’t drop everything to paint or send them endless progress pictures.
I’m not saying you did that. But it is often the case.


lol no, I’m sure they do, @taylorsgirl, and I imagine it is BEYOND frustrating. When I’m better I’m tempted to ONLY sell ‘ready to ship’ dolls.


Can you ask for a refund and get your money back? I am so sorry you paid so much money and are not happy.


Since shes working with you and. doesn’t do refunds and youre attached to this doll plus she seems to want to do the right thing Id ask for her to warm the first head from the outside since glue is in. and root more hair on it.Said You want THAT head not this 2nd. You are pleased with the first. Just not the hair
i.think most of us KNOW you CAN reroot a head.
Right there. To me shows she has very little experience doing reborns it seems.
I often glue once then check for spots that need more hair then glue twice more. And sometimes bake it to melt the glue onto the hairs
No problem getting the needle in through the glue Tell her to glue the hair 3 times so its in good.
We aren’t criticizing you for spending 700 on a reborn but 700 should buy you top of the line doll with perfect rooted hair and excellent paint job which you didnt get I.think we are all just sick about this experience you have had for what you paid
I just don’t understand how the second can be painted so terribly as we see in the pic if the first was to.your liking unless she did second in dark conditions and didn’t look what she did in the morning And especially since she knows you paid her so Very well for the doll She should have bent over backwards to be even more perfect with the second .Hope you get this settled to your liking

I’d say a good 20 hours is spent on rooting a head usually. Split into a few days say 5 or 6 to not rush I do my painting daytime rooting evenings so as not to burn out on doing just rooting as it is very tedious work


@Rirish, yes, I’d imagine rooting can become VERY tedious, lol

sigh I don’t know. I think she had better things to do. You should see the doll she’s thinking about auctioning off on eBay. There was MUCH more effort put in to that one than the second (and third) head. I’ve decided to keep the final head. I will chalk it up to a lesson learned sigh

Thanks for your advice and support :slight_smile:


Can you post a picture of that doll? I think you should fight for yourself and your money. I’m so sorry she did this to you. This isn’t right and she needs to make an effort to get the baby the way you asked her to or pay for someone else to root the hair and paint the head.


@Theara, I don’t know. She said if I didn’t like this last head that she’d just refund the baby (so basically she’s done with me) but I just can’t give him up :cry: I know it’s stupid and I now know I’ve been gyped (though I had that figured out by the time I got the second head and then when the third head got here with no weighting (I took the beads out of the second head), no stuffing to speak of (again, I took out of the second head) and a do it yourself magnate (I had to glue it in myself)…) but… :woman_shrugging:t2: sigh I know I’m being ridiculous. lol I feel the need to apologize to all of you lovely ladies, haha


Are these photos of your current baby from her? I thought you had her painting Quinn for you? Either was this baby is adorable!


@Reefbubbles no, this is one she just finished and shared on her FB and Instagram. It’s why I think she had ‘better things to do’. This is my Riley (Quinn).

(pictures with flash and no flash)


I just looked her up according to the name on the pictures. She has a Quinn like your original one listed for only $400. You need to ask her about that. :thinking:


Oh, I see that adding hair makes it $585. But really, her pictures on her site don’t match any of the dolls she has sent you. It looks like she uses someone else’s pics, or makes one good stock photo doll, then cranks out shoddy duplicates to send out. Most artists don’t make the same kit over and over enough to have 3 same heads lying around. Something about her sounds suspicious.


@Katinafleming , these pictures on her Etsy listing are of my original baby (or at least the pictures she sent me)

When his hair fell out and I sent him back she sent me a completely different head. When I asked about the original she said that she had it but it had been tampered with (I’m not sure what that means or why she would mess with it other than practice maybe…?).
The rest of the cost was tax and shipping


Wow. Tax and shipping adds up. I’m glad she’s working with you. Her website is beautiful. I love her little outfits. I just bought a few. Hopefully they will look like the pictures. :wink:
I’m sorry this has been such a mess for you. On a side note…way back in the 90’s I bought my daughter a My Twinn doll for Christmas. We ordered it way ahead of time and they delivered it quick. But the doll looked nothing like my daughter. (The nose on the 20 inch doll was bigger than the nose on my 6 year old daughter.) Since they prided themselves on making matches from pictures, I sent it back. The next doll looked soooo much better. But it had two left feet. So I sent it back again. The final doll finally arrived late on Christmas Eve, creating a panic on our part planning Santa. The whole process was miserable. But once it was settled, and she fell in love with that doll, the tainted memories faded. We were able to leave the negative experience in the past. Hopefully this will work out the same for you and your final baby will be worth all the headaches.


@Katinafleming , she’s quit working with me. It was either this third head (pictured a couple posts above) or I send him back and she refunds him and while he isn’t the quality he should be I just can’t give him up. I’m just going to chalk it up to a learning experience :confounded:
Wow, that sounds like it would be a fun doll to have when you’re little… when it’s finally correct, haha. Glad it worked out :slight_smile:


It looks like she makes a doll, lists it on eBay, then uses those same pictures to sell multiple quickly made dolls. It’s tricky to buy customs because it’s hard to verify what you’re getting. From now on, I would say stick with buying already complete dolls until you find an artist you really trust to do a custom. So many of these “custom artists” aren’t what they portray.


If it’s the baby above it’s a much more expensive kit. That can’t be it is it?


Sorry that answered my question. A beautiful baby either way.


I am painting Quinn right now, I have to say I am really enjoying him, even more than I thought.

Just consider all this like terrible labor pains LOL! Try and just enjoy your baby and put them behind you :wink:


This artist contacted me once wanting to buy a Quin that I had just completed. Humm