What to do: not happy with the reborn I paid $677 for - RESOLVED: I shall not be asking for a refund, reasons in posts if interested


Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry! If you can, get a refund!!

Here’s a baby I did for only $400


@partyplume Incredible!!! Wow


@Gabriell , oh she markets herself quite well, lol The pictures of her babies are all her own. And they really do look quite lovely. My pictures of the first baby don’t do him justice, really, they’re cellphone pics. But yes, I also got the feeling that the second head was rushed (and considering she had it for 13 days (not including shipping) that should NOT have been the case). She sent a video of the new head in which none of the flaws were evident. As to the first baby I didn’t get any pictures until he was already in the mail (even though she promises frequent updates on her Etsy page).
BUT she has worked with me quite well as far as the poor rooting with the first head and the flaws with this new head. A third head is on the way (I asked about the original and was told she has it but it has been ‘tampered with’ :flushed:) and she said if I don’t like that one I can send her the baby and she will refund the money. I know many on here think I’m nuts for it but I’ve become too attached to send him back. I guess I’ll takr what I get this next time shrug And be much more careful next time. What’s sad is I thought I HAD been careful this first time around sigh


She really does sound like she’s trying to make things better for you. I hope the new head is perfect and things will get back to normal for you!


Unless this is her full time job 13 days is actually not a lot of time, contrary to what some might think. We all know that it takes a long time to paint a baby, properly, with precision, and with enough layers to create depth. This requires us to paint a layer, let it flash off, bake and then cool. Coupled with rooting a whole head - if I am being super precise and rooting one -2 hairs at a time I take about 20 hours to root a full head. So, a week of painting, as time and circumstance permits, and a week of rooting - makes 13 days go by fast.


Your right 13 days is not a lot of time. I’m glad she’s trying but be patient.


13 days may not be long for some of y’all but you’re also talking about good work and this second head was clearly hastily done.


13 days is not a lot. Its time consuming to do this art. That said I think the last head was rushed.


No way I could do a head that quick. That’s not long at all. :grimacing:


The Ashton Drake of the reborn market. Does her pics look edited? If she doesn’t fix it and soon, get your money back and expose her.


Shaylen Maxwell said she roots or does hair in a day. I’ve done embroidery and there’s no way. Rooting is similar and I couldn’t in my teens let alone now at the beautiful age of 29. :rofl::rofl:


Hey, question since y’all keep telling me 13 days isn’t that long: how long DOES it take you to do a doll? Not including or including rooting… I’m on doll number three and am WAY too scares to try rooting yet, haha


It depends on the size of the doll for me. About a month and a half for a newborn. Longer for a child doll or toddler.


I’ll be honest- would have gotten a full refund. Red flag that she sent you back a completely different head. That’s just strange. To me, the only way to even remotely make it right is to give me back my money. This is what is scary about making such an expensive purchase.

Definitely always use PayPal when paying from now on (and do NOT use friends & family, if someone doesn’t want to because of the fees then you pay the fees for them, they’re honestly not that much and it’s not a valid excuse, lots of scammers use this tactic “use friends and family, I don’t want to deal with the fees, they’re so high” and it sadly works).

I hope you’re happy with the second head she sends and that it’s everything you want and more. :slight_smile:

I can’t give a good answer on your question because I paint on and off, but I see a lot of artists say it takes them four weeks for a completed doll.


GHSP can be done a lot quicker than Air Dry.


It depends what else I have on. Not everybody can drop their whole life and work non stop on a doll. Nor can they sit down and paint the whole day, even if they would have the time. You paint couple of layers and then let it dry, which depends on temperature and humidity. Couple of days ago I was painting and the paint was drying so fast, that I could work just on one kit, and by the time I did head, legs and arms, the head was dry and ready to go on. But today, I painted about an hour ago and there are still wet spots, and it is getting dark, so I am not likely to get another layer done. Then you bake and have to wait until the parts are cool, again it takes less some days than in middle of the hot summer. That is why most of the time I like to work on 3 or more kits in the same time; I can do couple of hours work without always having to wait.
As far as rooting goes, there are some very skilled people who can root all day and do several dolls. My hands start cramp up after while; there was time I could not do more than 1/2 hour before having good rest , later on, when I learned to keep my hands more relaxed, I could do couple of hours. So, while it might take me 20 hours all up to root a head, there is no way I could make it over 3 days, more like couple of weeks.


I think the issue is people think us artists only make dolls. Like a regular 9-5 job. But that’s not the case for 99% of us.
I can’t paint 24\7.
We are people with family. Jobs and responsibilities. Not robots or machines that can crank out dolls in days.
Not quality ones anyway.


I use air dry. I can do a quality doll in 2 weeks but I’m retired and can work on a doll 24/7. I usually don’t, though. It takes some of the enjoyment out of it to do it really quickly.


We’re not elves. We don’t work in a secret workshop making baby dolls and clothes all day. What’s wrong with people? No offense to elves!


Wait, folks who paint reborns have LIVES??! :wink: Alright, time wise I feel like I’m where I should be (momming a two yo and almost four yo and all, haha). I’ve only done preemies. Thanks for the advice, help, and support ladies :slight_smile:

The second head: sigh It will do. But I shall NOT be purchasing from her again, even if her prices become MUCH better. I’m keeping him because I became attached to the doll. GAH!