What to do: not happy with the reborn I paid $677 for - RESOLVED: I shall not be asking for a refund, reasons in posts if interested


he was for a friend’s teenage daughter but no way would I charge $700 because I’m not that good yet!


This is one I made and charged 250$ I can’t imagine 700$ for that baby.

And another I charged 250$ for.

Get your money back.


Your Asher was stunning and worth more than just $250 :heart_eyes:


I’m so sorry to hear this happened to you. I had a similar experience with a doll from a prototype artist. He wasn’t even sealed and had paint rub off before I got him :woman_facepalming:t5: Total mess to send him back but I did. He wasn’t worth what she charged and I think you have a similar situation. Are you going to have her do another head and see how it comes out?


What a mess. For whatever it’s worth, I agree with the others. The first head was nicer, but still was worth no where near the asking price. Maybe half of that? Second one would be worth less.

At this price point you can afford to be particular. The only reason why we pay more is for the clean paint job with lots of detail or amazing rooting. What else separates high end babies from the thousands of other dolls out there? I have a stunning baby here painted by a prototype artist that I paid less for than you did. Even at that price, had I opened the box to see this, I would have been quite upset.


I didn’t recognize him as a black baby girl. She’s gorgeous and worth more than what she charged.


I really liked your Asher awake too, @taylorsgirl. She was really sweet.


This is complicated…you definitely don’t have a $700 doll, no question about that, however, she does seem willing to go above and beyond to try to remedy the situation.

She should still have the original head - I would ask if she can re-root and re-glue and ORIGINAL head, else I would need a refund.

Good luck


Or ask for the original head back as is ( if it isn’t damaged) and DONT have her reroot. Get a partial refund for the rooted hair you paid for. Then have someone with better rooting skills re root.


Was going to say what LisaLynn did.


@taylorsgirl , you are the sweetest! Ohmygosh, seriously, there are no words :slight_smile:️Thank you so much. I’m going to give this gal one more try, she really does try and bend over backwards.

Ladies, you were busy while I was gone! Hahaha Is love to address you all individually but two crazy toddlers just won’t allow it, hah! Thank you for your advice, I’ve learned a lot! As I said I’ve decided to give her one more go. This time she isn’t asking for the head back until I get the replacement so that takes care of the comfort issue. BUT I’m coming away from this with a LOT more knowledge about what I should expect next time. AND I’ve seen GORGEOUS dolls that you’ve done, WOW! I can only HOPE to get so good as you all, haha

Thank you thank you thank you! I love this group :slight_smile:


I would be unhappy with the replacement also. Ask her why the original baby couldn’t be reroofed. The artists understand bonding with a reborn.


Thanks everyone
Asher went to a sweet lady so it was worth it even if I should have charged more for her.


Thank you.


I dont like to toot my own horn but my babies are better and for a custom I only charged 450. :frowning: I’d totally ask for what you want or get the refund


Right?! I’m far from great. But I know I could do better at rooting than that. I want to know how that lady manages to get $700 for her dolls. Maybe she needs to teach a marketing class. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Exactly… my latest two ! Only $275 for these bubs.


Right!!! I’d consider signing up for that class. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


I don’t think artists should bash other artists but if I were to critique that baby I wouldn’t have as many positives as negatives and mostly because she feels she can charge that much for a baby at her skill level.

The painting is messy.
The eyelashes are rooted sparse and plugged.
The baby acne isn’t terrible but it needs to be toned down a little.
Lips need a little more attention.

Its not a bad baby but it looks rushed and/or by someone still working on skills.

Did she send a photo before returning him?

You need to communicate that this is not the baby you expected for this amount of money. She needs to return some of your money or refund you and you will return the baby.

If she is an honest artist she will work with you.

I don’t do refunds but if someone was really unhappy with the quality of my work I would rather them worked it out with me in a kind and honest way and I could find a way to make them happy.

She may not be aware, she may be new and feeling like this is good work not having been exposed to better work.

Her feelings might get hurt depending on who she is and where she is at in all this. Just go into it as kind and as positive as you can and let her know that you were expecting a little more experience for that much money.

Was this a custom baby? How did she market this baby to you?