What to do: not happy with the reborn I paid $677 for - RESOLVED: I shall not be asking for a refund, reasons in posts if interested


I am so sorry this is happening to you. This is the kind of story that scares me.


It scares me too. The bad artists outweigh the good.


Oh no!! Good luck. I do understand the anxiety issues. I have a baby that needs to be re weighted. My husband keeps telling me to just take her apart n fix her, but I can’t bc She’s my empty nest baby. I don’t think I could see her the same😔seriously though I hope she does the right thing and gives you back your original.


ALWAYS USE PAYPAL IF YOU SPENDING THAT MUCH FOR A REBORN!! I’m sorry this happened to you. I’m sorry to say, what you paid is WAYYYY to much. Did you see pictures before you purchased the baby?


@Msmimi04 , the original doll was fine (at least he appeared so in pictures). There were a couple spots where she didn’t blend some mottling well but shrug. I was sent a video of the new head but none of these flaws were evident until I got the head this morning.
I just sent her a message letting her know I was unhappy with the head I received sigh


Here’s her response:

“I am sorry you are unhappy with the baby head - the glue inside made it difficult to re root the head. That’s why I had to make a new one and root from the beginning. That’s why I sent you a video. If you are not happy I will have to resend you a new one. Once you recieve the head you can ship me this one back. Does that suit you ?”



That definitely doesn’t look like an expensive doll. Don’t worry about being rude, you’re definitely right in being disappointed.
I’d send her back and get another one. There are some really nice ones out there, especially for such a price.


The glue usually comes out with a little elbow grease. I think she’s shining you on. I’d demand the money back and spend that on a better reborn baby.


I thought high end reborn dolls started at 500 and up. How long has she painted dolls?


I would want to send the whole baby back and use a different artist personally. I would ask for a refund.

I cant believe she sent something like that out… let alone for the amount you paid.

You could get wayyyyy better for $700.

Hell even some of the proto artist sell at that.


If you do as she wants and send the head back,be sure to tell her what you do not like about this one so she doesn’t do the same again.I do agree with the popular opinion that her babies should not be that high priced.


The babies I paint and root are a lot better than and I dont charge over $300 for a Bountiful Baby sculpt. Get a refund and find someone who will paint you a beautiful baby with gorgeous details.


If you really want to keep that baby I’m willing to strip and redo it for free. Just pay shipping to me and back.
I’m not a prototype artist but it bothers me to see this. I can send photos of my work if you would like.
Personally I would ask for a refund and buy a new baby. But I do understand sentimental attachment.


Can’t you root through the glue? I have, and just add more glue.


I don’t know who the artist is but she definitely shouldn’t be charging $600 for this kind of work. I could say more but won’t. :zipper_mouth_face:


I’ve done the same thing. They’re thin metal needles, they can poke through a layer of glue.


That is not a $700 reborn. I know artists who charge much less than that and their art is way better and more realistic. Send him back and ask for a full refund. You should be that customer because you deserve better and that artist needs to accept her art is not up to that price range yet.


The 1st head was not a $700 baby, and the second is not even $200 baby. Sorry, but you need to know where you stand.
I have rooted dolls with glue inside; actually, sometimes when the vinyl is thin and does not hold the hair, I would put layer of glue before rooting. But it all depends on what kind of glue she used; some might go too hard. Her rooting is very ordinary.
She cannot say “no returns” that is good only for change of mind. But, of=course, if you do not pay with PP it is difficult. How did you pay? Some banks also do chargeback on their CCs.


I agree with everyone else. I have actually done a re-root with glue inside the head with no real issue except I broke a few more needles then normal. Hopefully she will make it right with a refund.


this was the one I did and I charged £150!