What to do about a bidder on Ebay?


My Ebay auction specifically states that anyone with a feedback score less than 15 must contact me for permission to bid. Otherwise, I’ll cancel their bid and block them from future bidding. Someone with zero feedback bid on my doll. Although I have had some bidders with zero feedback pay for the dolls they won, most of the time those with low feedback don’t pay. Should I just cancel the bid or should I contact her first?


Personally, I’d try to contact her unless her bidding is going so high no one else is bidding. But I also would give her less than 24 hours to respond. If she is truly bidding on it, she should be keeping an eye on the auction and should see your message. But I also haven’t had any problems so far with ebay. Crossing fingers, knocking on wood…


Everyone made a first purchase at some time on eBay… I would contact her instead of cancelling the bid…


Yeah I would contact her 1st, and explain that it is in your term and conditions.


A lot of people don’t actually READ our auctions, I’ve found. BUT…I’ve had very good luck with newbies on Ebay. I always make sure I contact them first, though. If I don’t hear back fairly quickly I cancel their bid. Good luck!


If she is really new, she may not know how to make contact. Just a thought. If you contact her all she will need to do is hit the response button. That should tell you if she is really serious of not.


I agree before I started reborning I was looking to purchase on ebay a baby and a lot of them asked for a high bidding score to bid and I had never purchased anything so I wound up (thankfully) reborning my own!!