What size body does Whitney by T. Jannsens use?

BB has bodies on sale and I need to know which BB body is best for the Whitney kit. Thanks!

She is a 20 inch baby. I have one here I am going to do for the NC Show.

JMO… because of her big old head I used a 11.5 inch body or for 22 inch baby 3/4 jointed body. She has an older look too so I think she should be just a bit bigger than a new born. Mine fit in 0-3 months very well.

Yep, go for the bit bigger body. She has a rather large head and looks better as a longer baby.

Thanks Ladies I have a BB body #1273 here that I think will be a good fit. I went ahead and ordered 2 of the #1804 mass produced bodies last night. A very good buy!