What sculpt is this kit?


I just got this kit and I believe it is one of the old RDK kits because of its really dark pink vinyl. Anyone have a clue who this is?


It is an RDK kit @anjsmiles just done this one a few weeks ago…Sofia by Joany Solares


Nope sorry, it favors but not the same baby.


Here are some I found that favor it Raine by Toby Morgan.

I also found this one on google but could not find the kit name only the photo.5bb4b15e3253df20e27c56b69487ab30


That was my initial thought but the hands are very different…


It looks like it may be a Joanny Solares but I cannot identify it.


Any marking on the neck?


lucky you I wanted that one. lol


It is only engraved with the number 096. The arm and leg flanges have this same number on them.


Who is it? Do you remember?


Briar Rose by Becky Bright



I thought it looked like Briar Rose but she is listed as a micro preemie and this kit is fairly large… certainly not micro preemie sized. My guess is that she’s probably at least 17” long. Maybe they defined micro preemies differently back then? :wink:


I am sure it is her. Maybe they used a shorter body? Not sure.


I think that is probably what is going on… I looked up her stats and she is supposed to be 16" in length.

Thank you, Jenni, for all your help! :slight_smile:


That is who I was thinking of but couldn’t think of the name!


@jlesser do you know ALL the scuplts past and present? LOL I had to tease you on that. But, truly, you are a great source of identifying the sculpts. :slight_smile:


Nice, she is cute!


Hahaha, I dont actually know a lot of them but can google fast and sometimes get super lucky… like today where I had already googled “reborn kit 096” for someone before so it was the first thing to come up and it was right lol