What other dolls do you make or collect?


I have always loved dolls. As an 80s kid, I had my beloved cabbage patch doll. When I was a teen my mum gave her away to her a friends daughter. As an adult, a few years ago I hunted day and night to get a New in box doll exactly like mine. I even hunted down her exact clothing. I know she’s not my original but I will never part with that doll again. Haha.
I have also made cloth country dolls in the 90s, binky babies ( which I can’t find, I’m frustrated) I’ve got one blythe doll which I rerooted with human hair and she’s gorgeous, was planning to collect, but way to expensive for me. I also have the odd barbie NRFB that I’ve held onto.
Just wondering if anyone else has a soft spot for other dolls or makes other types of dolls?
Feel free to add pics!


Cabbage patch, Steiner/ Waldorf. Calico critters


Collecting Ashton Drake dolls is what led me to find reborns. I was searching Ebay and kept seeing the word reborn. This was in 2002 when reborns were being made from the Berenguer dolls, and I became hooked. I also have collected several Duck House fairy lamps.


When I was younger, I collected American girl dolls. I loved the history and outfits! I’ve recently gotten back into collecting them and they are so fun. Other than Reborns, they are my favorite hobby. I also collected any baby doll I could get my hands on when I was younger. I’ve always been a dolly hoarded…I mean collector lol. It’s so fun to see what other dolls you all collect other than Reborns.
Here’s one of my AG dolls sporting a mini linny’s pinafore I made. I love sewing for them when I get the chance.


I have several other dolls. Some Disney animators and a Journey Girls doll. Unfortunately journey girls were discontinued in my country, and they only sold three of them in the first place. I really wanted Chavonne. :frowning:

These are a Disney Animator Mulan in a different outfit, a Journey Girls Kyla and a doll that I ordered from China that I call Abby.

Disney Animator Kristoff

Disney Animator Alice

And my favorite, Disney Animator Tiana


I collect any dollys that I think is cute. Cabbage Patch, American Girl, Ashton Drake, porcelain, Ginny, Madame Alexander, vintage baby dolls and much more. Here is a a few. I am also a member of the Tallgrass Doll club


I make primitive critters


So cute!! Do you have a site?


Edited to say I’m sorry…I don’t know how to turn my pics. They used to not do this.
I collect Blythe, both neo and customised. My goal is to one day have one original Kenner. This is my newley adopted Saffy.




Wow! Talent!


How talented you are, Love your Bunny Girl.


Like some, any doll that is really cute. I tend to lean more toward vintage dolls. I also have a collection of the McDonald’s Madame Alexander dolls. They came in happy meals. They haven’t produced them in a while. You can find them on eBay. They have story book characters of all sorts and then all other types.
Here is a quick picture of two of them. They are about 5 inches tall.


Those are happy meal toys? Wow! I would have been thrilled to get one of those when I was a kid (and let’s he honest, as an adult I’d buy several happy meals just for those).


My daughter collects Masterpiece dolls, AshtonDrake dolls, and baby alive dolls also.


Shes adorable! Would love to see more.


That’s how it all started. I was at a McDonalds and saw the display. Then I checked on eBay. The rest is history. Now I check the toy bins at thrift stores. Lol


I’ve been a doll collector since birth, thanks to my Dad, who gave me a Raggedy Ann when I was born 7 weeks early. I still have her; wish I still had my Dad :heart:

Anyway, we talked about this another time, so sharing instead of posting all the pics again:

My fave, though is Kayla, my porcelain daughter. She’s from the Marie Osmond doll line:
kayla collage

I had a huge collection of Himstedt dolls at one time, and still have several Masterpiece dolls:


I just found out the picture is too big, if you make it smaller or crop it , it will be the correct way.


Before I got into reborns I was a massive American Girl collector/refurbisher. Was collecting since I was 8. Started refurbishing when i was about 18. I sold all but two to fund my reborn collecting/hobby. My heart still aches a bit. LOL! But I love alternative/vintage dolls as well! D.L. Marian is my favorite alternative artist!