What not to do when painting silicone

I can only hope so Caitlyn!! Still so scared lol

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He looks Great Angie, he is an adorable little peanut!!

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He’s looking great!!! You did save him!

Little man is just hanging out in all his glory for some air cure time. Interestingly enough his flakes spots don’t look quite as bad today.


Oh my gosh he is so cute. You did an awesome job! He looks pleased to be born!

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He’s beautiful!

So scrumptious!

Thank you all. I was able to save him but he has his flaws so I do not think I could ever sell him.

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With that little face, I could never bring myself to sell him either. So cute!

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That is the absolute cutest face, I Love this little guy!! How lucky are you to have him in your collection!!