What Next? Please Advise


I’m still very new at this article so I need advice what I should do next. I used the primary method to paint Jake as biracial baby. At first he was just too red so I neutralized him with a blue wash. Is he still too orange?

Please tell me what is missing before I attempt rooting for the fist time. Is the shading visible or not?


To tone down red you should use a mint green wash


It is toned down now. He doesn’t look as red as the picture appears. He is meant to be a biracial baby


On my computer the head still looks bit red/orange, the limbs look great. I would do another very light blue wash. I would not put green on him, it could make him bit orange. “Mint green” is green with white, and it will also lighten the skin tone, and can be chalky…


OK thank you Ludmila. Point taken. I will definitely do the blue wash again. Yes the hands and legs are not red because the head became red from the shading. I mixed all three primary colours to make brown. I only did the limbs in the creases.


I did another blue wash but he is getting darker then getting toned down. Now the limbs are much lighter. Is it because my blue mixture could be to dark? What can I do to combat the darkening? A yellow wash? Please help. Thank you.