What kits are these? Never seen before

We are expecting the following kits to be restocked approximately at the time indicated:

Avery (expected end of January 2010)
Byron (expected mid December)
Chrisy (expected mid December)
Claire (expected end of January 2010)
Eden (expected mid December)
Ember - Peach (expected mid December)
Emma - (expected mid December)
Honey (expected mid December)
Jacob (expected mid December)
Kameko (expected mid December)
Kiri (expected mid December)
Lilly (expected mid December)
Molly (expected mid December)
Morgan (expected end of January 2010)
Paige (expected end of January 2010)
Paisley - Peach (expected mid December)
Sam (expected end of January 2010)
Sera - Peach (expected mid December)
Sera - Pink (expected end of January 2010)
Shyann (expected end of January 2010)
Sugar (expected mid December)

Bountiful Baby
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Anyone know what it going on with these? I never heard of these kits!!!

I think they are the new minis they announced a while back. I haven’t seen pics though.

hmmmm I missed that or something! Thanks for the info.

I hope they are the mini’s! I have a customer that really loves mini reborns!

oh good question! Didn’t even notice that one.

I just hope BB dosnt go over due -LOL WE cant waite for the new arrivals!!! Most be RUFF expecting sooooo many babies!!!

The only one I know about is Byron. He is a 10 inch baby and is a portrait of Nevin and Denise’s son Byron. I remember of reading a post about this a while ago.

i have her in doll form. It would be awesome if it was a kit!!!