What Kit Should I Get For My Birthday?


Okay…My Birthday is coming up in not too long, and I am going to ask for kits for my Birthday from my other half as well as my family. I am trying to figure out which kits to get…

My question is…If you could pick out any kits right now, which ones would they be?
Are certain kits big sellers for reborns on ebay?

I do NOT need anymore kits right now for myself, but my family all keep asking me what they should get me for my Birthday so…well…what better than…MORE KITS!!

Looking forward to some ideas!!


If I could get any kit right now (which I cannot) I would choose Michelle or any of the Yarie babies.


I had to get Kelly Ann by Romie Strydom and I want to get Samiah by Tami Yarie. I also adore Adrie Stoete’s kits, like Noelle.



I like Mika by phil Donnelly, Ava Raine by Lara Tuzio Ross, and Nina by Gudrun Legler


I’ve pre-ordered Nina and can’t wait to get her, and I am loving the Vienna by Andrea Arcello that I am currently working on. Romie’s Kelly-Ann is on my wish list, as well as many Stoetes and Yaries.


I would choose Luca by Knoops.


When does the Asian BB Baby come out? I want her too!! LOL…
My Birthday is November 8th…think she will be out by then?


— Begin quote from “tiny_toes_nursery”

When does the Asian BB Baby come out? I want her too!! LOL…
My Birthday is November 8th…think she will be out by then?

— End quote

She doesn’t come out until December but maybe she could be a christmas gift.


So far all my reborns have been keeper dolls…this is just a hobby and a passion for ME! I just recently got my Kelly Ann and Nina…can’t wait to get started on those. Got a notification that Adrie’s Lulu is on her way and I’ve also pre-ordered Romie’s newest. I don’t know that I’d consider any sculpt a better seller than the next…I just buy what speaks to me and I’ve bought a few reborns from other artists. What is YOUR favorite?


My favorites would have to be Tamie Yarie Kits. I have Taylor, Maggie and Kaelyn…So maybe I will get one that I DON’T have…
Naveah Mae

That is the list of the ones I do not have which I MUST say is FAR larger than the list of ones I DO have

I like Stoete Kits as well…and out of the BB Kits I would love:
Kameko- When she comes out in December…
I think I have a lot of the others…

I guess I like a LOT of kits. I am going to have to get another Asher by Donna Lee as I just traded my kit but that is okay because it was well worth trading…You try finding another Taylor Yarie kit…Not going to happen!


Have we ever seen any dolls that you have reborn? I for one would really like to see the ones that you have done. By the way, Stoetes, Luca, and Yarie kits are my favorites.


Here you go
This is a little girl I reborned as a Christmas gift for a 9 year old. She is a portrait baby and the only thing I MYSELF would change next time is use a larger pair of eyes so not as much white is showing. The woman and her daughter LOVE her so much and she plans on having me make a portrait baby of her son as well as one of each for HER mother…

Photos of the finished baby with the photo of the child as a baby:
(I know the baby in real life was more orangey/yellow toned, but this woman said she wanted a pink, rosey complexion…hense the pink, rosey complexion LOL…)

And Last But Not Least…A photo of the baby getting packed up and ready to ship home to her new mommy before putting her extra outfit and goodies in the box…My other half says the photo does NOT look good…HAHAHAHA…Poor Baby!

Let me know what you all think of her.


How precious!!! I reborned that kit. It is amazing how a few little changes can make a doll look so different.



Thank you ladies. Yes…the littlest changes can make it look like a totally different doll!
Seeing photos of my little Paisley again makes me want to dig out the portable hard drive and try to find my photos of some of my other reborns! Be back soon!!


I am VERY partial to any Yarie Babis!!

I know of a few new Yarie’s coming out hopefully in time for X-Mas…so I think THEY will be the ones I choose!!


If you missed out on the first Taylor Yarie…stay tuned for another version of Taylor with a closed mouth!!! I can have twins!!! I get WAY over excited when Tamie posts new stuff on her facebook


If I was you I’d ask for cash for my birthday then you can pick out what you want. Cold arent I? lol