What kit name is this please?


What do you think? https://pin.it/ws76ksth2nhv6i


Not sure. I looked on her site and her facebook. I do not think she paints anymore… but may be wrong, No new posts, etc
But there is a contact me link… you could ask and she may answer


I don’t know the sculpt, but I do come bearing two very, VERY close matches.

Haley Andrea by Laura Tuzio Ross: this one also has a similar open hand.

Camille by Anna Timmerman.


Another place to try to reach her is through eBay: https://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/rajvoog


I think it IS Haley Andrea.


I think so too, but the clenched hand is not the same. Unless the artist traded out just the left arm…or there is an older version of the kit that came with different limbs. Either way, I actually think the artist’s clenched fist choice is way cuter. These are some of the pics that really convinced me.


I dont think it is. The crease under the eye is longer on Haley. The left hand is different, etc.


It reminds me of a mix of Ethan Russell and Ivy Jane Hess. :confused:


It looks like she may have switched the left arm out with another Laura Tuzio Ross kit. Myloh, Vincent, and Dominic Rafael all have a very similar hand. It definitely fits LTR’s style.


@jlesser I noticed the same thing about the crease under the eye and I was wondering if maybe the artist just didn’t extend her creasing as far as some of the others? Hopefully someone comes along who takes one look at the kit and goes oh yes it’s this one! Or maybe op will hear back from the artist.

@Katinafleming it certainly does look like an arm may have been borrowed from another kit! The one on the bottom left looks closest! Assuming of course that we found the right kit. It’s making me want to buy it!


I see what you’re saying about the eye crease. She does look similar to all of these kits. But she’s slightly different from all. The right hand does look like Haley Andrea’s though. I give up. I don’t know who that baby is. :weary:


Not a Melody Hess kit… I asked her. She is not sure either.


@izzy or @kristi?


Left hand corner one is Belle Ne by Sylvia Manning.


Yes!!! Thank you!!! How in the world did you know that?! She’s an oooold kit. Super cute! :heart_eyes:


Yes you were the person we were waiting for!!! So glad to know, it was driving me mad and I wasn’t even the orignal asker!!!


Lol well I guess seeing sculpts since 2010😃


You rock!


Yay! Thanks @kristi! :heart:


With Kristi’s kit info I found the artist and kit info in one place :slight_smile: