What kit do you think Stuff Curry looks like?


Hi there ladies! I saw this adorable baby boy on the internet:

They call him, Stuff Curry. But his real name is Landon Lee. So with his chubby rolls, I was thinking Libby by Cindy Musgrove. What are some other chubby kits that resemble him? He’s so darn cute! :heart_eyes:


Juan? Though Juan has dimples on his cheeks


My first thought was BB Crystal


I was also thinking BB Crystal lol


Morris Toner? (for the second picture)

Camilo (not out yet… for the first pic)


I don’t know but that is one adorable butterball right there!


Second pic- Grant?


Geez He has a head of super thick hair for so young!
I love chunky babys too


Thanks ladies for all your comments! I was also thinking of the Fei Yen sculpt by Cindy Musgrove.