What is with Paypal today?

I can’t send a request for payment! it converts it to a group collection and doubles the amount! I have tried it 3 times!

I had issues with it also. I was trying to send out invoices for Bluebell and every time I clicked on “send another invoice”, I had to type in some security code. Took me twice as long to send out the invoices. They must be making it “better”.

I had to do that too but the second page was for a group invoice and it split up the email I was sending it to to make 2 emails…and put it amount in twice!!! so I deleted it and started over…did it again…signed out and back in and it did it again! can you not send a money request to just one person anymore? tried the ivoice and it was a long itemized thing! I just need to collect postage for pity sake!

when I select 'Request money" and then fill in and press continue…I get this page only it breaks up the email addy into two addresses…and says it is two recipients…and doubles the amount I am asking for! has happened 4 times now!

Request Money - GroupRequest Money - Group
Event name (optional)

Event date (optional) Monthmm



Number of recipients

AmountTotal amount

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