What is the texture of mohair?

So, I really want actual baby hair texture. The HP something something hair on McPherson is $70. That makes me wonder if I REALLY want that hair. Has anyone used that type of hair to know if it is any softer than the cheaper mohair? (I swear I found an old post with someone that has used it but I can’t find it now.) I mean, they have $20 bundles as well but I’m concerned that it will feel more like the ugly hair Elijah had from Ashton Drake.


Mohair is the most difficult thing to find for me cause I’m so picky lol! I’ve got a ton of different hair all in my quest for finding “the one” I have come close with the hair from karmandolls on Etsy. Just make sure you get reborn hair and not bjd hair as it is a little thicker from what I understand. I’ve gotten straight and wavy from her and prefer the straight as it lays nicer when short newborn length imho. Spend $35 in her shop and get free shipping. Though she is in Russia and it takes awhile to arrive so order accordingly.


I’ve used a couple of different brands, but the mohair I bought from @Skylar, which is J’s mohair, is the best I have used by far! It’s easy to root and so silky! I will definitely be buying from them again!126800488_362576864832709_6050558951447944437_n


I really like HP Babylocks. It’s very easy to root and soft. It is just a little coarser, not super fine like kid or alpaca.

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Thanks! I appreciate you sharing your experiences. I would just buy whatever and try bunch but, I’m only doing this one baby. Idk what I would do with the left overs.

I only use alpaca hair, it’s turns out super soft and it’s not very expensive! This is where I order all of mine

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This is the alpaca hair both dry and wet.


Looks very nice. Thanks for sharing!

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How long does it take to ship once you order it?

Can’t remember exactly, but in my experience they get the orders out quickly after you order and they ship with priority mail so not very long.

I just tried ordering from her. PayPal wouldn’t allow it due to government regulations??

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Really??? Hmmm are you in the US? I have heard someone else having trouble using PayPal to order from her but they did eventually figure it out maybe try and message her and ask? Maybe there is a lockdown again?

Where do you buy mohair from @Skylar?

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Possibly due to Covid I suppose.

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Yes but I also think it might be a glitch in some people’s PayPal

Love Karmendolls on Etsy


Hi just popping in. I buy my mohair from J’s Premium mohair, but I know he’s not accepting orders right now. What are you looking for and maybe I have it in my stash.

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Just trying to find some mohair I like. I’ve just started doing combi hair, so was hoping for some different shades of brown.

Sent you a Pm

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I’ve read Olga’s posting yesterday. I think she mentioned that now since she registered her business with Russian regulations to pay taxes you can only purchase from your PRIVATE PayPal account.

Found it:


Important information on paying for purchases in our store! Please read.

Our payment information has changed!

You can now pay for orders in our store only from your PayPal personal account (now we are officially registered in Russia as a company and pay all taxes, therefore, according to Russian law, we cannot accept payments from commercial accounts, but only from personal accounts). You can pay for your purchase from any personal account. Most importantly, it should not be a commercial account.

You can also pay with a personal bank card (debit or credit), even if you do not have a PayPal account.

If none of these options suits you, then at checkout you need to select the “Other payment methods” button. In this case, I will contact you after placing the order and we will together look for payment options that will suit both you and us. There is an option with payment to a current account (for legal entities, shops, online stores, and so on) and an option with payment by transfer through instant payment systems such as Western Union, MoneyGram and so on).
Sorry, please, for the inconvenience. I really hope for your understanding! :slight_smile: