What is the danger of using acetone to strip a kit?

Will it damage the kit? I have heard it will make it shiny. This is an expensive kit and I don’t want to ruin it. If it gets shiny would using Heat Set Matte Varnish take care of that? How do you strip a kit? Do you just put the acetone on a cotton pad and wipe the paint away? Thanks in advance for your help.

I used acetone once and didn’t have any problems with shiny… I used Winsor Newton brush cleaner the second time and it was much better than the acetone… I used cotton balls and it took a BUNCH of them… just keep wetting and wiping… had to use the pointed Q-tips in some of the creases… Someone on another forum uses the Matt Varnish thinned with Genesis Thinner on the majority of her kits from what I could understand… Says the the paint adheres better when that technique is used…

Alrighty then…toothbrush it is… what a great idea - my husband is a retired dentist and THAT thought never occurred to me… I LOVE you girls…

I use the brush cleaner also with a toothbrush. Just remember not to use the toothbrush later for you! Toothbrush or rubbing it with my hands is faster than cotton balls. Plus I hate the feel of cotton balls for some reason! I used it when I stripped a berenguer doll.

Acetone not only leaves the vinyl shiny but can cause the paint not to stick well. However, that can be overcome with a thin layer of Genesis Matte Varnish before painting. Back when we sanded the grooves off the Berenguer heads we had to use some acetone to smooth the vinyl out when done.

I use acetone if I have to strip a baby. I have used it for years. I cannot get the WN locally and I can’t afford it. I saturate a make-up round and try to dab, rather than alot of rubbing. I believe that it is the rubbing that makes it shiny. I would recommend the other if you can get it. If you must use the acetone, wash it well afterwards and I would recommend the matte varnish in a very thin layer.

I just wanted to tell everyone that posted Thank you. I am so appreciative and I did read all the advice late last night/early this morning and forgot to post a thank you. Hugs, Shannon!

I use acetone all the time. My babies never finish out shiny because after I strip them ( and I use a toothbrush always for the grooves and details) I wash them three times in dawn and hot water. Then I soak them in a nice baby shampoo and hot water bath, rinse them well, dry them and then apply a thin layer of matte varnish and thinning medium. I also usually use the matte and thinning medium as my first layer on ANY kit anyway.
I consider acetone as my best friend inreborning. LOL

I’m just glad someone besides me is stripping babies. Well, stripping reborns…stripping babies doesn’t sound quite right…LOL! We stripped my “grandson” on the ferry last week while he was standing in my lap playing with the steering wheel with people around. What can I say? We’ve all tried to detach a baby from a steering wheel! But I thought I was the only one still having to go backwards instead of turning out perfect babies.

As for the toothbrushes getting demoted, why are you giving them a bath in boiling water first? Mine are going to be doing dirtier jobs and I figure the things I’m cleaning usually have enough detergent on them to kill anything that is on the toothbrush! Just curious. I have a daughter who is sort of OCD and getting worse about germs…while my house looks like a tornado touched down several times…wish I could clean house instead of reborning for once…oh well, my husband’s outage will end someday and I’ll get him to help out.