What is the cheepest way to ship to Brazil?

Anyone know?..TIA

I am not sure but I would recommend sending it Express Mail International if it is an Ebay sale. If you don’t and the package gets lost or damaged you will be out the money. This is the only method of international delivery with tracking. It comes with $100 of insurance but you can buy more in $100 increments at 75 cents each.

Having said all that, Priority Mail international is cheaper and gets there fairly fast but there is no tracking or insurance to be had with it.

Thanks Ang…Thats what I thought. I have Express mail in my auction but someone from Brazil asked if there was someway cheaper. Thanks for the help…Elaine

Yea, I have shipped to Brazil several times using Express Mail International and it always goes well. I don’t offer anything else.

Oh, please, don’t ship Express only!

I’m from Brazil and I HATE Express! Our Customs always charge those packages and we have to pay 60% over the product price + shipping.

A $29 doll kit from BB ends up costing $120 ($29 + $35 (Express Shipping) + 60% taxes! In some parts of the country, the taxes are even higher: up to 92%.

Every single one of my packages (bought on Ebay) came either First Class or Priority and out of the 130, only one got lost (it came from Hong Kong). Everything else got here safe and sound.

I refuse to buy from any seller or store that doesn’t offer other shipping options. MHO.

BTW, there IS tracking on Priority packages. Maybe it’s an extra, I don’t know, but I’ve tracked many of my packages!

I want to say climb into the wheel well but that wouldnt be right.

MsRed, I hear your frustrations and I totally understand how you feel. However, the other side of that coin is that Ebay does not back up us sellers if a customer does not get a package and files for a full refund. If we do not have tracking info and insurance to cover ourselves we are out the doll AND the money.

Initially when I started shipping internationally I used Priority mail because I thought it was good enough. The packages seemed to arrive safely and nothing ever went wrong for me personally. The post office does supply you with a customs number but that is all. Apparently the customs number the PO was giving us can not be tracked, at least that is what they told me here at the post office.

Then the issues started happening where sellers in the US would ship dolls, customers were not picking them up from customs but instead were filing “items not received” claims and getting their money back from Ebay and then going to customs and paying to get the doll out that they essentially were getting free. I realize that this is not the case of most customers and the shenanigans of a dishonest racket but the sellers here in the US to whom this happened had no recourse. When the issues started coming up with Ebay saying that they would refund the buyer’s fees if we could not provide proof of delivery I asked my post office about tracking packages that are sent Priority Mail International. I specifically asked these questions about tracking and insurance at my post office and was told by my postal worker that a Priority Mail International package IS NOT able to be tracked or traced once it leaves here (US) and that the only method of shipment that could be was Express Mail International. Therefore, based on the information given to me by the people who ship my packages, I have no choice but to use Express Mail International. It is not a means of punishing the buyers but a means of self protection in a situation where Ebay does nothing to protect us sellers.

I have sold several dolls overseas using this method and all have been content to buy them knowing the fees that would be involved.

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I want to say climb into the wheel well but that wouldnt be right.

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That would sure be cheaper… But, no, it wouldn’t be right…

I do want to say that on the USPS website it does say about Priority Mail International Online Tracking - Put our delivery information to work for you. Track PMI package shipments. Note: Tracking is not available for Priority Mail International Flat Rate Envelopes or Priority Mail International Small Flat Rate Boxes.

I am not sure what this means because back when I was using this service it was my understanding that it was covered as well. However, my postal worker told me that the package could not be traced once it left here. I don’t know if this means that there is a difference between tracking and tracing a package or what. If I could get a guarantee that I was fully covered as a seller by using this method I would be glad to offer it but based on what my PO was telling me I didn’t feel that I was.

I am going to investigate this further once again in case the PO has made changes or I have been given misinformation. If I can ship internationally using a cheaper method to the buyer and still protect myself as a seller I am all for that.

I have also posted a question about it on DF since that is such a large group and here is the link if anyone wants to follow the feedback there:

I went to the PO today to mail some things so I asked again. They contend that they cannot even choose to add tracking to a Priority Mail package from their system. She said what they get is a customs number that may or may not show delivery depending on whether or not the customs dept. scans the package. She also said that delivery confirmation and/or signature confirmation cannot be added to it as well. I told her I went to the usps.com website and that it plainly says that tracking comes with Priority Mail International. So all she had to say was that if I can buy it online to do so because they cannot put it on there from their computer if I bring the package in to purchase the postage there. Then she called out the post master who agreed with what she said but the post master then told me that if I purchase insurance on the package then that* does *make it trackable because it has be able to be tracked to be insured. She said if the package gets damaged or lost though I have to take it up with the country it went to in order to file a claim. So I guess I will try offering Priority Mail international now and see how it goes.

If shipping a finished doll, then I think it should be either Priority or Express, really. Because it’s much more valuable than doll parts or reborn supplies…

I never bought a reborn from the US and I wouldn’t ship a finished reborn First Class (even because Priority ends up costing less), but I, personally wouldn’t go for Express. The brazilian Postal Service is quite efficient and it’s very easy to track packages online.

Anyways, I’ve done business with sellers that only offered Express, but I negotiatied with them to use First Class. In these cases I’d say “I take the responsibility (and the risk). If any problem arises, I’ll deal with it myself”. And I’m pretty honest. If I say “It’s on me”, then I won’t change my mind later.

Unfortunately, not everyone feels the need to keep their word, so it’s always good to negotiate things very clearly.

I hope everything goes well for you!!!

Oh I would have no problems shipping smaller things and even kits first class and have done so. It is the reborns that I am talking about. I have to say that the possibility of a reborn doll taking 2 mos to get to someone internationally bothers me because I try not to spend the money the buyer paid me until doll arrives and I know for sure they are happy and don’t want to return it. Therefore, I don’t want to have my money tied up for that long. The longest I have ever had a package to sit in customs using Express Intl. is a week. All total the package took 9 days including the weekend to get to the customer. That is still very good to me.